New Dashboard on Show

Today i logged into my BlogRush account to check out what’s on offer and to see which direction the staff are taking. Some very interesting facts and figures came out of that visit.

Now to be honest I haven’t been with BlogRush for that long and I was a bit sceptical about the
performance, that being said I was impressed with the members area, when you log in to your account you are presented with a new dashboard with a clean layout and look to it; and a wealth of very useful and revealing tools for the user.

The first thing you notice are the Two Graphical boxes with your activity stats over the last 30 days, the first graph shows your actual visits to your blog and highlights when you roll your mouse over the points to show you the exact visitor numbers.
The second graph shows you all your referrals in two different shades, one being referrals from BlogRush widgets on other blogs, and the other showing your own traffic from other sources.

At the moment BlogRush are going through a few changes, all for the good which include better monitoring to provide more traffic to members blogs. One area touched on was the placement of the BlogRush widget; on some blogs the widget might be at the bottom of the blog or in a less visible area thus reducing the effectiveness of the system. At this point there is definitely a decision to be made by blog owners about placement, I suppose you have to weigh up the importance of which elements of your blog are more important to you, but in the end I would venture to place the widget in a more prominent spot after all its sole purpose is to bring traffic to your blog.

What was clear in the opening video update was the message to bloggers that it only takes a
couple of referred bloggers to visit one of your posts and write their own variation to expand on your post; and then link to you through trackback and pingbacks and also comments, this gives you valuable link juice for the search engine. Of course not everybody does this and I can’t stress enough how important this is for bloggers, you just need to get into the habit of doing this!

Another new element is your last 12 blog posts at the bottom of the first page which breaks down the stats in a very user friendly way. For each post there are three columns one for Syndicated which shows the number of times that your posts are shown on other peoples blogs.

In the second column you have the actual number of people who clicked through to view your post. The third column (Buzz) shows how hot or cold your responses are with neat little pictures of buzz meters, based on the category your blog belongs to and the average click rate. How your post is reacting across the network.

Bonus credits are given out to everyone but more so to new users or those bloggers who have low traffic, this helps to keep a nice balance. Overall this helps to build up your credits and places your blog posts on other blogs widgets across the network.

A new companion site called traffic is on the cards which will be released in the coming month or so. Users will be able to see which posts are the hottest on the network by category. This is another great way to generate traffic from visitors to your blog by utilizing the power of your writing skills kind of like a mini digg site i suppose.  Check out 20 Possible ways to Optimize your blog over at thou shall blog

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All in all i rate this service from BlogRush very highly and going by the direction they are taking will improve in leaps and bounds. Remember bloggers use your trackbacks and pingbacks regualary

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