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Is Dropship Design taking the P***! Price Hike

DSD (Dropship Design) have lost the plot!

I got the shock of my life when I logged in to my store to renew my domain name. Without hardly any notice or email they have announced that they are going to charge me £14.99 per month from February. Long story short; the deal was you bought the package with a one off payment, and then the only payment after this was the yearly renewal of the domain name.This is the message that greeted me upon login…..

Starting from December 2008, all members of Dropshipdesign will be subject to a low monthly fee. Now that your account is due for your yearly renewal, you are required to accept the new monthly terms in order to keep your account.

All members will be charged a low monthly fee of £14.99 per period. A period represents a full month starting from the date of your renewal up until the same date of the following month.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your account at any time. Please note that there are no mid-period cancellations. If you cancel your account, it will remain active until the beginning of your next billing period.

As you can imagine I was just a little pissed off, and this is my reply to them….

First off, I am just a little bit astonished at your audacity to charge a monthly fee of £14.99. Your original sales pitch said that the only payment after the initial purchase would be the yearly renewal of my domain name, which if i remember correctly was around £27.00. So now you have decided to slap a monthly payment with practically no warning. I have no choice but to decline this payment and subsequently cancel my relationship with Dropship Design. I dare say you have some small print that gives you the right to change your pricing policy, but I think this is very unfair and will be extremely unpopular with all your members.

I will also be reconsidering my affiliation to your service, I currently promote on several sites, and if I do not see any value for my site visitors then I will pull all of my posts and banners.

Regards, Bill Masson

They do all their communication through their ticketing system, and the only time that they ever email me is when they are selling something or in this case informing me of my impending renewal date, oh and they didn’t mention the price hike in the email. The thing is, if DSD had added some more valuable services like search engine submission for example, then I would have considered paying the increase.  But they didn’t, so unfortunately I think I will have to say ta Ta to DSD. As to date i am awaiting their reply and I will do a mini post to let you know what their reaction was to my reply.

Has anybody else had dealings with Dropship Design, perhaps you could share your thoughts…

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5 comments to Is Dropship Design taking the P***! Price Hike

  • Jerry

    If I were you I would take your business elsewhere. There are many good cheap and reliable domain hosts that will not do that to you.

    • Bill Masson (WWAH)No Gravatar

      Hi Jerry, Its not the domain host or the name that they are charging for, its the actual running of there so called service. Any way i have moved on and have canceled my membership with DropShip Design. thanks for the comment

      Bill Masson (WWAH)’s last blog post..WOW Paradise Opportunity

  • Alot of great comments and tips here!I can really learn alot from these suggestions and hope that i can contribute as well.keep up the good work

    Hi, I have similar experience, although I think I missed reading the change of terms email, and before I knew it, my website was cancelled. I sent an email to them asking why and they told me to pay 29.99/month to have my website reactivated. My account was disabled in April 16 when it’s supposed to expire June 1st. You couldn’t talk to these people on the phone, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee in order to be able to do so. They have this ticketing system where you type your inquiry and wait for their email that your inquiry has been answered. Usually it takes 12 to 48 hours for them to reply. So naturally, I cancelled my subscription. I am now asking them to release my domain name so I can use it.

    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      Hi JM and Sons,
      I know where you’re coming from, I got really frustrated with their ticketing system, whenever I had some suggestions about their setup the reply was less than courteous.
      It would be interesting to get some feedback about their customers, I bet you they lost a lot of custom. I did a bit of research a while back on them through BB and other consumer protection sites and there were a lot of disgruntled subscribers.

      Thanks for your comment

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