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Turning your digital products into cash is a powerful skill that, if acquired, will allow any person to virtually print her own money. In contrast, without this skill, you can have access to an unlimited amount of digital products for free but it won’t matter at all; you’ll never use it to generate any revenue whatsoever.

This is why there are literally thousands of different courses available on the Internet that discusses this specific topic: how to turn digital products into cash.

Now, there are a number of ways in which you can go about doing this, but the best of all is probably developing a knowledgebase. This doesn’t mean that you immediately start purchasing every product you find on the subject. Rather, go to one of the massive repositories of information on this subject. *Affiliate web 2.0* ((opens new widow))

You may want to consider such locations as forums, FAQs, websites, free reports, and free membership sites. You may find that the free information available at different locations throughout the Internet is on par or even better than information you could purchase.

You will want to put everything you read into context. Is it current? Is it support by other E-Books and experts? If not, you may want to think twice before you establish it as a principle in your mind.

You will more than likely want to spend a minimum of 45 days developing this type of knowledgebase before you attempt to turn any digital products into cash. Instead, figure out what the language of the profession is, who the experts are, and how they are doing what you want to do. Only once you have done this should you consider moving on to the “action” phase, which consists of actually trying to sell your digital products.

Whatever you do, remember that having the skill to sell digital products is a major asset. Don’t take it lightly when you’re educating yourself on the subject. If you have a weak knowledgebase, it will show in all of your selling efforts.

If you’ve ever spent time reading popular forums, you’ve heard people complaining about how bad a product is or praising it for how excellent the information is - or how functional it is. This is especially true of marketing forums, where people almost always discuss the latest product launch in their field
It’s not uncommon to see manic approaches to discussing new product launches, too. One approach will always focus on the negative parts of the product, lambasting it is a sham or as dysfunctional. The other approach will be a little more realistic and look at what was good and what could be improved upon.
Often, you will see the negative comments coming from those who have had little to no success promoting the product - or who, they themselves, have had no real experience in successfully launching a product.
In contrast, you will likely see the positive comments coming from those who have successfully promoted the product and earned; or those who know marketing well enough that they could successfully promote the product if they decided to do so.

There’s a good reason for this: those who can successfully promote products and earn money know that almost any product, no matter how mundane it is, can be promoted with a high degree of success. They also know that a product doesn’t necessarily have to be radically different in order to provide information that the end-user needs most.

One prime example of this is McDonald’s. Their food was really nothing new or different or better than their competitors - and yet they swiftly defeated everyone else in the market to achieve dominance.
The difference was in how the business was positioned and marketed. In the hands of a bad marketer, it would have floundered; in the hands of a skilful marketer, it became one of the largest corporations in the world.

So keep these thoughts in mind next time you hear someone attacking the latest digital product release: there are more lousy marketers than there are lousy digital products!

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