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Eliminate Dependency on single sources of Income

Passive Income
Repeated regular income, earned by any individual, generated from the payment of a product or service. This is the key to earning a good income without busting a gut!

“Oh yes” it is possible for anybody with drive and a will to succeed in this business model.

Top Tips For Diversifying
By diversifying into other complementary monetization models beyond affiliate programs, you reduce risk and increase stability to work at home more effectively. Using these practises will give you more free time for your family and reduce stress, or so my mentors tell me (-:

Multiple income streams also have the potential to make every visitor to your site count. Depending on your particular model you should always be checking which sources are performing the best. It is best to spread your interests by tuning in to your visitors preferences and analysing your stats; particularly your search engine queries.

You can find quite a surprising list of trends to monopolize on, by writing posts or monetizing ads to target these visitors. Google’s contextual and feedback ads are a perfect example of this practice.

Spread Your Net
It’s a good idea to spread your net far and wide, so include all the usual hotspots including popular social networks and forums. Do some research to pinpoint user’s habits like what are the most popular topics and forum discussions?  Depending on your interests you will always find a group that you can sell to, as long as you are not too aggressive or spamy and give useful advice. Make sure that you have a good signature especially for the forums and practice good decorum. These hotspots are some of the best places to network and build leads for future business.

Niche Areas
This is a great way to make constant passive income, you can either use purpose software applications like Content Builder Pro which will build your niche sites on autopilot for you. Of course you can do all the hard work and do it yourself if you’re that way inclined, but I think I would opt for the former. All of these auto content site builders pull in information from feeds which are predetermined from your keyword inputs. What is so useful about auto content builders is the ability to run several advertising revenues, from the likes of Adsense, Amazon or Yahoo, and of course you can throw in some of your own affiliate programs.

Carefully plan your Niche building campaign by researching good .com names and trawling the trends from Yahoo Search Marketing or Google Trends Lab to name but two. If you have a good Content Builder application it will have all the SEO attributes built in including all of your keywords and phrases; Definitely one of my top passive income earners.

Time Management
Its’ very important that you use your time effectively and to do this you must set yourself schedules and goals. Its’ true that there are many difficulties for busy people to overcome, for instance you may be a full time mum or dad or have other distracting influences’ in your life. Do try to persevere; it will pay off for you.

The Ultimate Productivity Toolbox for Creative People | Lateral Action

Ongoing Goals
By its very essence working online whether it is blogging or running websites means that you never settle for what you’ve got. So it’s important to keep pushing the envelope and tweaking your business model; its’ all about finding that right balance for your site or business no matter where you are on the web. Keep a record of all your campaigns for future reference and to compare revenue stats. Keep up with what’s hot in your Niche or business; I find that using social networks and following top authors’ and business people can lead you to some surprising finds.

Brand these ethics in to your mind (CTPM)   CONTENT >> TRAFFIC >> PRESELL >> MONETIZE.

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