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Email Marketing Success

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A closer look at email marketing

There are many ways to gain success such as:

Ask them to opt in to your newsletter or subscribe to your website for updates; capture them with an entry into a free prize draw. Offer a free report with information they’ll find valuable and useful.

When someone signs up for something you’ve got a valuable e-mail address that you can use to build your list of potential customers. Once you have that e-mail address, you will want to be very careful with it because otherwise it won’t do you much good.

How To Avoid The Spam Filter

Make sure you have someone confirm before you give away anything. Many will put in a fake e-mail address just to get something for gratis. You can get them to confirm by receiving an e-mail from you and clicking a confirmation link. Remind them to check their junk folder and if they mark your message as not being spam, their email software could then automatically white list you so that you don’t land in the spam folder in future. By obtaining a confirmation, you also make sure that you are getting a proper e-mail address.

It’s a very common trend that online marketers do whatever they can do to get the e-mail address of the people visiting their site. Online !, you have a really small window of opportunity to turn a visitor into a customer and if they are not ready to buy whatever they’re checking on your site, it’s a good idea to at least find out who they are so that you can try a different sales approach on them on another day. Just because they are not interested in what you’re selling today doesn’t mean you can’t find something else to entice them.

Deliverability is a key factor. You need to know that your e-mails reach their recipient’s email box so here are a few things you can do to increase the likelihood of your target audience actually clicking your e-mail. People are tired of spam and using all sorts of programs to ensure they do not have to sift through spam to get to the important e-mails.

Autoresponder software is a good investment for anyone marketing online. Buying into a package or something similar will help you easily manage your mailing lists. The thing is, once you have a mailing list in place and a plan that includes autoresponders, you need to work on your email content and deliverability.

Each communication you make in future with the prospective customer should do two things:

1. The e-mail needs to offer them something valuable otherwise they’ll unsubscribe. Give information or tips or helpful information that will have that person anxious to open future emails from you.

2. You need a call to action line at the end which will encourage them to do something you want after they close the email. This could be to visit your website with a handy link, sign up for another service, refer their friends to you or even offer a purchase link so they can buy what you’re selling.

People use spam filters and this helps them build the trust in their incoming messages. Once you make it past that filter, you’re set. People make use of domain keys and SPF records so that they don’t get phishing e-mails by those posing as their bank or PayPal.

Getting yourself white listed, you can increase the likelihood of being delivered to an e-mail inbox instead of a Spam folder and by buying an auto responder product that’s hosted on your own server, you can more easily get past Spam filters because if you’ve done your bit to get white listed, you’ll be trusted by your recipient’s e-mail server which will increase the chances of your clever and very persuasive copy taken seriously.


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