Building Opt-in Mailing Lists

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E-mails are being used to distribute newsletters, promotional mails, and lots more besides. How then would you be able to round up email addresses to send those marketing mails you have? This is where your opt-in list comes in handy. Emails are replacing regular mails from the post office, have been since the birth of the Internet. Not only because it is cheaper, since you don’t need to buy a stamp, it’s also definitely faster.

An opt-in list is a directory of email addresses that you can send those emails to. Though it seems to be easy to find email addresses, if you are looking at thousands in numbers, it is going to be hard. Besides, you have to determine the recipient of the email. You wouldn’t want your readers if they were mostly male receiving lipstick reviews, would you? (Apart from our more flamboyant friends of course)
A good opt-in list should include the profile of the email address owner. Here are some tips on how to create a comprehensive opt-in list for your target market.

Create your online presence
Creating a website is made very easy nowadays. A lot of programs are milling about assisting regular computer users in making and maintaining websites in a really simple way. There are some really easy startup website creators like Jimdo that even a two year old could master. Several web hosting sites are available too. Some are even free. If you have a site of your own, you can ask visitors to register with you or sign your guest book as they leave. You just have to have your own website trust me on this!!

Set up a promotion or a freebie
Not all the best things in life are free, as they say, but you can easily give something away. If you are a bit short and don’t have anything, then sign up to the numerous JVs or GiveAway events. As an example you can see this done all over the web. Free screensavers, free games, free software applications. And what do they need from you? They just ask for an email address, your name and a little something more about you. Then you just check the box and away you go.

Write and write some more
Extend your reach with articles, and post to the top directories. Make sure you leave your link back to your product via your optin form. Use a funnel system to draw your visitor to your optin signup form , if  you have your website or blog set up correctly i.e. you don’t want to ram the signup right in there face, be a little more subtle. E-mail tips

Make an easy opt-out option
For those people who join your opt-in list, along the way some may want to opt out. People will be more wary of joining your optin list if they don’t see an unsubscribe link clearly marked. Its good practice to conform with all the email and privacy regulations, the fact is you won’t last long if you don’t follow the rules.

Joining Forces
In order to reap the most benefit from your email campaigns consider joining up with a business partner. You will find in today’s affiliate marketing world that alliances are a valued way to increase ROI (return of investment). Joint ventures are a prime example of this practice, you will find many likeminded people, so don’t worry about not finding anybody.

Using offline Sources
Get yourself out there and start some projects like raffles, check with your local supermarket and newspapers. If you do a little market research and look for people that are more inclined to join mailing lists for sweepstakes and other popular pastimes like bingo, you might be surprised at the response. You can place an email address opt-in part in the raffle entry to add to your list. This way, you’d also know the buying preferences of the participants if you mark the entries systemically.

Set Your Budget
Creating an opt-in list can entail a lot of work and costs. You should outline how much you will spend in creating an opt-in list. People in your opt-in lists are sales prospects. They are those interested in a certain product that you may be selling. Obtaining an optimal opt-in list will boost your sales, so these tools are undoubtedly essential for your campaign.

Get an opt-in list now or build one. Either way, you are reaching the people that can be your loyal customers for a long time!

If you want to find out more about building your opt-in list whether you are a beginner or are looking for partners then check out this link

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