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The Hard Truth about Affiliate Marketing

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First up I would like to invite fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers to join me in this discussion and give me your honest opinion about affiliate marketing. Oops that sounds scary! This article assumes that you are fairly new to affiliate marketing, so bear that in mind! So without further ado;

Lets clear up all the misconceptions about affiliate marketing, we have all seen those squeeze pages proclaiming how easy it is to make tons of  profit in no time at all. And the so called gurus want us to believe that their program is the best thing since sliced bread and will blow the competition away.

“The Clock is Ticking Buy NOW”
“This offer won’t stay at this price for long”

The list goes on and on!!!! To top all that if you subscribe to any number of newsletters concerning marketing then you should be an expert on sales pitch copyright.

Anybody who has tried marketing a product, isn’t going to get rich overnight doing affiliate marketing. There is just way too much competition for this to happen. Affiliate marketing isn’t an easy cash source that’s going to just drop bundles of loot into your lap with no effort. You will find the affiliate opportunities that work the best are the ones that you find yourself. If done properly, like testing and researching your market and customers, or networking with business development.

For instance take free traffic, it’s not completely over but it is fading fast, when you consider the pace of the Internet it’s not surprising. You can work hard to create pages that score high in the search engines and put lots of graft into your site, but by paying for clicks and focusing on Google and Overture (Yahoo) you will have the top three positions on all search engines that really count on the Internet.

Without doubt you need to be at the top end of Google and Yahoo to really generate traffic. These search engines will drive quality targeted traffic as long as you pay close attention to your PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy.

Yahoo, and especially Google are the best key drivers of qualified traffic on the Internet. Pay per click search engines let you quickly test drive different affiliate offers and new landing pages on your site. You can stay away from top competitive keywords for $1 to $2 per click. Niche marketing on Yahoo and Google works but you need to get the right niche and do your keyword and phrase research.

Instead of just sending traffic away and hoping for the best, you should have your own email list to which you can send multiple offers. Sending offers to your own email list is the true way to build freedom and residual income. You can achieve this by:

· Using subscription forms on your web site

· Using co-registrations or co-op marketing campaigns

· Buying email lists (Safelists or specifically targeted lists)

Effective affiliate marketing involves paying for traffic in one shape or another, you just can’t get away from this.

To accelerate your income, you need to invest wisely in advertising and get the most mileage out of every one of them.

So what do you think! im sure there are thousands; scratch that millions of affiliate marketers and bloggers who have some strong opinions on this matter.  So leave a comment”"If there are any successfull affialtes out there, then please post your opinion (yes i know there are some out there)

Conclusion ;  I think in the end it all comes down to hard work and parting with some cash, especially on the promotion side, and depending of course on your own resources. There are many other equations that come into the picture including good content whether it be a blog or website. And of course having a plan of action and strategy is absolutely vital if you want to survive in this cut-throat business.

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4 Responses to “The Hard Truth about Affiliate Marketing”

  1. 1 MikeKL

    You’re right of course, it does take hard work, a lot of it too, and it’s more hard graft than anything that is more intellectually challenging.

    That said, it would be foolish for anyone with a decent site, well researched affiliates, and a reasonable and regular position in Google and/or Yahoo, to give up too soon. I reckon that it will take anything up to 18 or even 24 months for my site to become seriously profitable.

    In that time it will go through a lot of tweaking, many affiliate changes and a likely myriad of SEO approaches. I’ve been getting regular slots on the first page of Google for several of my pages, including quite a number of #1, and I really only got going in June this year. But that right now is without serious traffic volumes. That remains a major challenge. But it will happen.

    Cheers. MikeKL

  2. 2 Bill

    Hi Mike,

    I can see you are definately dedicated in your approach to your marketing campaign, so going by your predictions it seems that a long term plan and stratagy are important points to consider when embarking as an affiliate marketer.I myself have only approached the traffic issue by free means thus far but will have to target the PPC in the near future.

    Thanks for the comment, Bill

  3. 3 Stubsy

    When I first started out with trying to make money from affiliate marketing I wasted £££’s on PPC Advertising and got no hardly conversions, these days I get traffic mainly by organic means and earn a bit more.

    The most important thing I think is to check terms before signing up to programs, maybe just start off with ones that pay per lead.

    And sack programs that don’t convert

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