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Is Entrecard Changing for the Better?

Entrecard will start allowing members to transfer their credits for cash from this weekend (11/04/09) there seems to be a lot of debating whether this major changeover will keep everybody happy. The main argument is how they prioritize who gets paid first; Entrecard has setup an algorithm to determine who gets paid first.

So it all comes down to your activity as follows;

1. How many cards you drop / how frequently

2. % of paid ads you approve

3. % of Entrecard ads you approve

4. Listings you create / completed sales in the market

5. How many credits you transfer to others (indicative of contests, tips, and generosity)

6. % of credits you spend on Entrecard ads

If you are a little bit confused about Entrecard don’t worry you’re not alone, in the end I think it will all pan out and work. If you want to know more about Entrecard and find out what all the fuss is about then checkout their blog.

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