FaceBook Scam keeps resurfacing

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This is just a quick reminder to be on your guard from the online scammers that abound on the web. The reminder came through my email box from Bev Clement who I subscribe to; there are no limits or lengths to what these scammers will do to get their hands on your money. FaceBook has recently been named as one of the more susceptible social networks at the moment for attracting scam artists.

I myself have cut back drastically on the amount of applications that I allow to share my information. It goes without saying; just be sensible and never give out your private information, it’s easy to set up mail accounts with Google or Yahoo to capture junk and scam mail. If you have had any suspect emails (who hasn’t) then report it to the relevant sources.

email from Bev

Please read this carefully.

I was checking Facebook on Thursday evening when the chat box opened.

It was someone I know from the UK and they said they needed help.

The said they were in a certain part of the country and had been mugged at gunpoint, and needed money to get home.

My first reaction was, are you OK, have you reported it to the police, did you cancel your cards.

They said yes, and they needed to borrow some money.

I was unable to help from HK, but knew a friend who lived in the city they were in. I contacted a friend by Skype and after a long conversation it was decided it could be a scam.

I had the person’s email address and sent them an email.

It was a scam, someone had hacked into their Facebook account.

Because we were unable to help, we didn’t give any information away, but be careful.

Having talked to a few people since, it seems this is one of the new scams that people are using on Facebook.

Make sure you take care out there.

If you need any more information, please email me.

Had any experiences with scammers, I’m listening

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