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Why is Forum Marketing Effective?

Part 2

I am still pushing ahead with my own introduction into the Warrior Forum and so far I am very impressed with the new interface. I actually joined around March last year but never got round to using it fully, such a waste. So I am going to make up for lost time and get more active.

Internet forum marketing is the form of marketing where you market your business through online discussion groups. First you join a forum and start adding posts to the discussions. You are though not allowed to advertise or market directly through your posts, this is called spamming.

After registering as a member of the forum you can create your own signature file.

In this signature file you can hyperlink a keyword phrase back to your website, which when clicked can bring on the traffic to your site.

Here are five benefits of forum marketing.

  1. Always remember when you are posting you are helping out someone. It is a great feeling when you are of any help to other people. If you are a believer of the law of when you give you always receive something then online forum marketing is the place for you.
  1. You get to learn a lot for free. When I started my website I never felt the urge to post. I only read other people’s posts. I hung out in the Warrior Forum and learned a lot which helped me grow the website.
  1. You’ll get free advertising from your signature profile. People read your posts and view your signature profile and click on the link for your website. This type of traffic is very passive and a great source of sales.
  1. Search engines will give you credit with a backlink when you hyperlink your keyword phrase back to your website. As for example, my work at home website hyperlinks the phrases work at home. So you can rank high in Google because of the backlinking from forum marketing. Try to be regular and post on these forums several times a week. You can try Google search and you will get a large list of forums and discussion groups. Find the few which has any form of relevance with your business.
  1. One other huge benefit I get is that I acquire ideas to write articles on my blog by going through the different kind of questions people ask. A good question usually stimulates a lot of discussion. Such questions can be made into good articles.

So there are several reasons for you to include internet forum marketing to be part of your advertisement strategies. Be consistent and reap the benefits.

If you’re new to forum marketing then you have got to check out this video series from Adeel Chowdhry at Adeel does an excellent video tutorial for new Warrior Forum Members that explains everything you need to know, from setting up you profile and signatures to uploading picture albums and tons more.

Next Week: Getting Started with Marketing Forums

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