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How to Get Free One Way Backlinks Virally

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Perhaps some of you have come across this site on your travels “Free Traffic System“; I kind of got thatfeeling that I had been there before, probably because I have done some previous research on the subject. Any way this site is all about traffic generation and Google search engine position, and more specifically backlinks and how to effectively build hundreds of them. Now if you know me by now you’ll know that I am a cynic at heart, and when a program comes along that makes big claims about traffic generation I tend to ere on the cautious side.

One way backlinks are among the most effective and most efficient ways to acquire high positions in SEs and milk these positions for targeted traffic. But capturing quality one way links can be a big job.

Free Traffic System is a fresh project that helps you to acquire top-grade one way links free of charge along with unlimited number of one way links, because you build as many as you require. Furthermore, Free Traffic System has incorporated a brand new concept of viral marketing, rewarding its members with bonus one way links.   Let me explain…..

Before getting to the viral part of the project, it’s of importance to explain where exactly you’re getting these backlinks. The backlinks are built up inside real blog articles, not in the footer or blogroll but in the very body of real, unique blog posts. This is the most dependable way to build one way links, because you give real unique content to the visitors in the blog posts, and search engines will forever welcome it.

You acquire backlinks from relevant internet sites that belong to actual people in various niches. This is the natural, dependable and a smart way to build backlinks free of charge. You submit one article to Free Traffic System and it converts up to sixty top-grade one way backlinks! And, contrary to traditional article marketing, no one will erase your backlinks from the article, like they do when thieving your content from article directories.

The viral part of Free Traffic System is simple; they reward people for fetching others into this free project. You’re getting a bonus backlink on every third article that people whom you referred to Free Traffic System are making. This means you acquire bonus backlinks on article number 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, and so forth. This is on the back of all the people who you bring into the program via your affiliate link.

As all articles can be republished on up to thirty sites in Free Traffic System, this means that one article with your bonus link equates to thirty backlinks from Free Traffic System. Two articles = sixty bonus backlinks, three articles = ninety bonus backlinks and so on. And this is in addition to the limitless backlinks that you’ll be able to build inside Free Traffic System yourself.

And the last benefit of the viral setup; If you add at the very least one WordPress blog to Free Traffic System, they instantly increase the number of bonus backlinks by seven percent.

So to round up, with this Free Traffic System you acquire:

  • Free backlinks that you build yourself
  • Viral bonus backlinks from affiliates you bring into the project
  • Viral bonus backlinks for adding your blog(s) to Free Traffic System

With all these free backlinks, you are building powerful targeted traffic from the search engines. Unlike the big article directories this concept has the added benefit of building your traffic by utilizing there affiliate program which increases your backlinks virally. The Free Traffic System also allows you to add your own WP blog; I imagine that you will need at least a PR3 or PR4 WP blog for interested site owners to publish on your site.

Check them out for yourself, it doesn’t cost a penny. They have a lot of useful video tutorials as well as an instructional PDF download.

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