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Following on from last week’s articles on affiliate management and tracking this post expands into membership sites and in particular “Free Membership Sites”. The article covers some of the advantages of free membership sites and the different earning strategies used to leverage a profitable business. There will be links at the end of the post to membership site software applications for you to check out.

Why Free Memberships

More and more marketers are setting up membership sites that are free to join; this trend seems to be linked to visitors’ preferences of wanting more than just free eBooks or software tools. You can see why these free membership sites are so popular with marketers because of the list building potential and of course further backend offers and membership upgrades.

The key element of free membership sites are higher visitor sign-up rates which equates to more subscribers - and more profits! Another great advantage of these membership sites are ad placements and special offers which have a much higher conversion rate than any other website. So potentially you could open this up as another revenue stream by allowing “upgraded members” to post ads and special offers.

Returning members and incentives

Part of making a membership site successful is achieved by giving your members a reason to come back. So with this foremost in your mind you should always be adding new items on a regular basis, this shouldn’t be hard to do if you make use of other member’s offers as well as your own. This is another good reason for members to sign up to your mailing list to keep up with what’s new.

Navigation & Structure (what makes a membership site)

Download Page (secure download links)

Training Page (Video, PDFs, Audio, Graphs)

Special Offers Page (signup form, Autoresponder)

Contact Us Page (for queries)

FAQs (A must have, will save you a lot of time)

Privacy/Disclaimer Policy (Be transparent)

Forum, survey’s, competitions,

Depending on what your site is about you can add just about anything that adds value and encourages dialogue.

Promote your Free Membership Site

Take full advantage of all the free promotional methods available on the web by using web 2.0 sites like Twitter and FaceBook as well as forums and any free advertising you can find. You can set up a squeeze page to entice potential members further.



  • Specially designed for free membership sites - offering only the features needed.
  • Upload/Download area in zip format
  • Autoresponder integration,
  • Secure download for members
  • Pages can be edited in any HTML editor
  • Use the script on as many sites as you want as long as you own them.


The script setup tools require a PC running Microsoft Windows. The script requires a web host that supports PHP, MySQL and .htaccess files (most paid for web hosts support these as standard).

Move up a notch….

JV Manager (Top Pick-Jack of all trades…it can do everything)

This powerful software builds membership sites with ease and can centralize your whole business, literally.

  • Setup multiple membership sites with one installation
  • Setup auto expiring download links for single payment products (multiple payment gateways)
  • Built in Affiliate tracking and management
  • Subscription function to manage recurring payments
  • JV Manager is a CGI script and requires a MySQL database

There’s’ a ton more functions that this software can do, it does require a steep learning curve but once you read the manual a couple of times you won’t have any problem. If you really can’t be bothered to set this up then hire someone to do it for you!

Points to remember: check with your server for any conflicts with these scripts, GoDaddy may have extra requirements.

Whichever script you purchase it will be worth your time. Check out some of these other resources to learn more about membership sites.

Ron Ruiz: Along with having the right topic for your membership site, the
next key to having a successful and profitable membership site is to
make your site easy maintain.

Tuks Engineer: I’ll show you today that creating your own membership site is something that is highly achievable to practically every internet entrepreneur around - and unlike the old days (when setting up membership sites would set you back potentially hundreds of dollars a month) it’s not going to deflate your PayPal account a bit.

There’s’ loads more on Google

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