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Free and Paid Autoresponder Choices

Part 3 of Newsletter Creation

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As you can see over on the sidebar I have set my Newsletter opt in form up and will be using EbizResponse for shear reliability.

I tried out the free AutoBot responder to see if I would like it; this free service promises a lot but can it deliver on those promises. Here are some of the benefits that AutoBot says it will deliver; I have just written this post as I go through the process of signing up and testing the system called AutoBot.

So after signing up you’re taken to a Signup Success Page, nothing prepares you for this, talk about information overload! This page is jam packed with instructions and information to guide you through the minefield of email marketing with loads of links. Here is a condensed list of what to expect:

Spam Filtering

General Info about signing in

Message Control

Add Leads

Search Leads

Banner Exchange

Premium Banner Program

And more Advice

My first impressions are not good, for me this introductory signup page is for want of a better description an eye sore and looks very unprofessional. Well let’s push on; after negotiating my way past the constant hover windows I log in. The page is fairly straight forward “so far” with the following navigation tabs>>

HOME — Add Lead — Search Leads — Message Control — Log Out

And last but not least a Free AutoBot Banner Exchange Button to click on.

Since I am Starting out fresh I don’t have any leads so I will have to grab an AutoBot form script and paste it on my blog, but before I do this I will need to load the autorespondor with some emails. This is really straight forward, just copy and paste your messages in text or html formats. You can then set the time intervals for sending out to your list, easy enough so far.

Now for the AutoBot opt-in form, this took me a little while to find, it was not readily obvious where to get your code, after going around in circles for about ten minutes I discovered that you have to first click on the Add Lead tab and then click on the help file link over on the right hand side, this brings up a new mini help window with the script code to paste into your webpage. You have to do a small bit of editing to put your AutoBot username and your success landing page URL, then you are good to go.

In order to make sure everything is in order and works properly I have pasted the code on a new WordPress blog which I am working on. The first test of the system went smooth enough without any hitches. I tested out the emails in text format and HTML format, the text version was the better of the two with the HTML version just a little bit on the garish side, in fact I had to put my shades on as the background colour was blinding yellow. But for me the biggest drawback was the obligatory AutoBot advertisements, three in all at the bottom of the email.

The free AutoBot service does have one obvious advantage, it’s free, but that’s about it. I suppose it would suit some people that are looking for freebies, but in the real world of Internet Marketing there is only one choice when it comes down to getting an autorespondor and that is reliability, so without doubt a premium service like Aweber or GetResponse is a must when it comes to email marketing.

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