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A Free Solution for Producing Content and Building Backlinks (UAW Review)

The one thing we all need as bloggers is content, a never ending stream of it to feed the hungry search engines. As bloggers we understand that content builds links and draws in the search bots. If you only have one blog then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem keeping up with fresh content, but if you have several blogs with varying subjects then it can become very hard work. There are several solutions available that will lighten the work load and allow you to concentrate on promoting. Enter Unique Article Wizard (UAW). If you have been blogging for any amount of time then you have probably heard of Darren Warmuth’s article submission system.

What is Unique Article Wizard? (Review)

“The art of working once but getting paid time and time again” Is the opening statement of the UAW’s rebrandable report. The basic concept, share and distribute your articles and get backlinks and commissions. But don’t worry if you’re not great at writing because you can still benefit from UAW’s pool of authors for your blogs. To get your unique content, if you have a WordPress blog simply install the UAW plugin, activate it and fill out your preferences on the admin page, make sure to include your user name for your affiliate link as this is where you will gain commissions.

Other Delivery Options

If you have a blogger blog or any other blog platform then you can set up an email delivery schedule, in both cases you have the option to review and edit the article before you publish. For the WordPress plugin you can have the articles posted automatically or held pending. You will need to input your email address to be notified of any new articles. The email alerts will have the article with three hyper links, one for deleting if you don’t like it, one for publishing and one for editing the article. I would strongly advise only to use the edit link as there will always be discrepancies that need corrected. If you click the “accept article link” the post will be published automatically.

Content Quality

Overall the quality of the articles differs greatly, you will get some poorly written ones that are full of grammar and spelling errors, it’s up to you if you want to spend time correcting and editing them or simply delete them. It can be hit and miss at times but there are enough quality articles to see you through. You do have full editing control unlike some other systems, but you must leave the authors name and links intact.

The system does rely on Author , Publisher cooperation, for instance if you have the WP plugin installed but have not checked the affiliate box then your link will not show up, conversely if the author has neglected to turn their option on then your affiliate link will not appear either. They do have a help desk that chases up issues for you, but I don’t know how effective this is as yet.

Quote from UAW FAQs

In order for the special affiliate link to appear at the bottom of the articles, this option needs to be switched on by BOTH the author and the plugin owner. So, even if you switch this on in your plugin, only some of the articles will have this link.

Principle Benefits of UAW

Building backlinks is one of the main benefits of the UAW system which is the principle optimization requirement for your blog.

1. Having a steady stream of content for the search engines to crawl

2. Gain Backlinks to build your search engine ranking (authors)

3. Receive commissions from your affiliate link

4. Allows you to submit your own articles for distribution

Submitting Articles through UAW

The Easy step by step wizard will guide you through the article submission process. You can add video and audio along with images to your articles. UAW also submits your articles through its own network of user’s blogs. There are many more promotional routes that UAW uses. They also have article spin software to make your articles unique which allows you to produce several spun copies of the original content.

Affiliate Resources

Lots of promotional materials to use including peel back ads, banners that you can modify, unique links to sales pages, email auto-responder series, and redirect affiliate links in php and html. UAW also supplies you with two rebrandable reports for you to give away or sell. All in all it’s a pretty good promotional kit. So if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate then check this link out and build your Commissions.

To really understand how this system works download the UAW Special Report. It’s packed with coordinated chapters that guide you through the marketing process, an excellent read and well worth downloading. If you have a WordPress Blog then download the UAW plugin here to get started.

Upgrade Options

If you only want content for your blogs then this is completely free from UAW, but if you want to make use of their powerful article submission and network coverage then you will need to upgrade. They can also write custom articles that are supplied through “My Article Express” I would need another page just to write about all the benefits, so check out this link and find out more.

Closing impressions

Overall the system is not perfect and does require some effort on your part but what this system does do is allow you to publish or edit the article as long as you leave the links in. You will find that some new authors do frequently make mistakes and neglect to put in the correct link formats, this is not your fault and you can either leave it or fix it yourself. Compared to other systems which I have used in the past, UAW excels. It’s the easiest article submission service that I have seen for authors, the FAQs and admin area are well organized and easy to navigate. There are plenty of upgrade options available if you want to send your traffic into orbit. If you start with the free content membership it won’t take you long to see the benefits of upgrading.

Unique Article Wizard is highly recommended for both free content and article submission.

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