Funky tech driven Business Cards to show off your talent

When you have a blog and you’re looking for more traffic and subsequently businesses, then you probably look in the usual predictable places ONLINE, so what about OFFLINE in the real world. How would you go about broadcasting you blog to interested parties in your local town? The most common way that most reps reach out is by handing over their business cards to interested parties. The trouble with this is that most people think of business cards as fairly generic or boring and it doesn’t take long before they are tossed in the trash bin.

The very idea of a business card for the millions of bloggers out there may sound archaic or old school. But designing a purposeful business card that pushes all the right buttons can reap dividends for your blog. This article offers helpful advice and tips to perfect the right business card. The trick is to keep your business cards being consigned to the bottom of the drawer, no mean task! But even if your card is tossed in the trash it won’t matter because you are already on the cardholders contact list, by innovation.

Making your business card stand out

It goes without saying that your business card will have to stand out from the crowd. This business card will have a significant difference in that it’s not a bricks and mortar business but an online solution that solves people’s problems. Sure it may well lead to you getting orders for your bricks and mortar business, but in the minds of your potential customers they can easily find you online and it just holds more appeal, bearing in mind that mobile technology is everywhere.

There are many designs and types of business cards available, have a look at moo where you can break away from the traditional business card and inject some fun and innovation. A lot depends on your blog of course and this should be reflected on you card. Unless you’re a design expert it’s probably best to leave it for the professionals.

Must have information on your business cards

Whether it’s your blog or your social network that you want to promote, the most prominent piece of information has to be your URL or web address, stands to reason right? If your web address is too long then consider using a bespoke URL Shortening service that’s catchy enough to remember.

As an example for I wouldn’t change the URL, it stands out just fine, and I wouldn’t add the www or http as all modern browsers now automatically add this any way. But you can still add it.  On the other hand if your URL is a bit on the long side you can use a custom URL shortener.

Standout Social Media-Friendly Business Cards

Since social media is so popular nowadays why not transform your business card into an instantly recognisable design using fonts and colours from your favourite social net. This can have the added benefits of networking and collating contacts into groups that are more targeted and focused to whatever your business is in to.

Virtual Business Card or vCard

This is pretty much an essential thing to have for any serious online business or entrepreneur. They are easy to set up which you can do from online virtual business card services or even through Outlook. This type of virtual business card is used all over the web on social networks and websites; basically it’s a miniature version of your bio with all the important contact details most prominently displayed.

QR Code for mobile participation

Setting up your own QR code is useful for people to scan and go immediately to your website or custom made mobile blog or splash page. This technology has been around for a few years now and was originally perfected in Japan. The beauty of this technology is the ease in which owners of any cell phone with a camera can quickly scan the barcode and add you to their contacts. To learn more about QR codes and how to make your own visit the links at the end of this article. QR is short for Quick Response (they can be read quickly by a cell phone)

Finishing thoughts

Everything in design can be outsourced, so when it comes to getting the right balance its crucial so consider hiring a professional. However your business card turns out whether virtual or real stick to the same design and layout right across your network, it’s worth remembering that you have many excellent locations online where you can direct your first time contacts too, like Google profiles, Linkedin or any social network. It all depends on your business model of course; you may well want your contact details to go directly to your sales page… whatever rocks your boat. To get the best of both worlds, online and offline I would go for a business card that incorporates the QR code and has elements of social and business contact details, this way you cover all bases.

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