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Give Away Vacations And Make Extra Income

Give away vacations and make extra money.

Hotels, travel companies, cruise lines, restaurants and other establishments contract with our company in order to provide these incentives. They offer these incentives to get people to use their services and increase awareness of their business. This not only builds brand loyalty, but also increases repeat customers and referral business.

Hotels Etc. Inc assists travelers in planning dream vacations while saving money, but also helping local business owners and companies thrive in this economic climate. While providing “more than just travel discounts”, this unique company works directly with business owners to find the best travel and entertainment for members, then establishes the quality of the product offered to assure that everything Hotels Etc. Inc has available is of the highest standard.

Now for the first time, you can give these certificates away for free and make huge money on the back-end. Unlimited Printing of ALL Certificates. You can print and distribute an unlimited amount of ALL the certificates we offer. There is no limit on how many certificates you print. We make it extremely affordable for any business, large or small, to cost-effectively utilize our certificates. Instead of having to purchase certificates individually as other companies require, with our company you only pay a program subscription fee allowing you to print an unlimited number of 40+ certificates in every category. Whether you need 100 or 1,000,000, you’ll quickly come to see that it’s considerably less than paying for each one individually.

Hotels Etc. offers and incredible opportunity to allow you to give away these amazing travel incentives for free or resell them for what ever you want to Car Lots, Doctors, Sales Reps, MLM, and more and make a residual income for life. This is for a limited time, as they are not looking to have millions of distributors. You can visit to view this amazing opportunity or

Want to find out more about printing unlimited certificates, then visit Shawn Pigg’s site on how to choose the best travel incentives for your needs.

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