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Global Gifting System My Secret Weapon

The Global Gifting is the largest program in cash gifting and it allows you to advertise using various methods , but if you plan to rank number one In the search engines then you have to learn a few tricks. I can teach you several tricks to marketing in my Community Blog website but for now, let’s start with an SEO trick.

Reaching the top of the first page for your targeted keyword is not easy, especially when that keyword is very competitive. Try typing GGS into Google search, and you’ll find a page full of results that everyone is fighting to stay on. Start by doing your research and completely optimize your website for the search engines. This is done by using proper keyword placement, density, and so on (there is software that can help you). After you have done this, then it’s time to create your backlinks, and this can also be tricky.

There are several different ways to build backlinks, such as:
• Link Exchange
• Search Engine Submission
• Articles
• Participate in forums
• Etc…

Most people are aware of embedding their URL as a hyperlink when they leave a comment on a blog, but most people are not aware that even if that Blog has a high page rank, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the particular Page your commenting on has a high pagerank. Look for a PR of at least 4.

Secret Information
I usually reserve this type of targeted information for my Global Gifting System team members, but I wanted to share this little known trick with everyone and help boost your search engine pagerank.

There are plenty of Blogs out there that have a high page rank but they don’t allow hyperlinks that work in your favor. What you need to do is first look for “DoFollow Blogs”, and you can find tons of these by doing a quick Google search. Be sure to read up on the difference between DoFollow and NoFollow.

Next you need to determine which blogs have the higher page rank, then out of those blogs, which pages have the higher page rank. The last thing you want to do is spend all day commenting on DoFollow blogs but only leaving comments on pages with a “0” pagerank. A good tool to help you sort through these is a free software tool I like to use called “Parameter” which stands for Page Rank Meter.

Once you have your Parameter installed and your list of DoFollow Blogs, then all you have to do is load your blog links in the software, extract all of the pages, and submit comments to the higher ranking pages. Adding a couple comments on pages with a high pagerank are a lot more effective than several comments on pages with a low pagerank.

So remember… optimize your site to perfection, then download the free Parameter tool and start adding quality comments that count. Just remember to try to take time everyday (or as often as possible) to add at least 3-4 comments so you can continue to increase your pagerank.

Take Care,
Charles Rivera

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