I am interested in anybody who has used or is thinking of using the G-Lock Double Opt-In WordPress plugin. Some time ago I started a miniseries on newsletter creation, with posts on newsletter formats and choices between free and premium autorespondor services. I had various choices to choose from like Aweber or Get-Response and included Ebiz-Response my own autorespondor service. My main aim was to find a service or tool that was free to use but without all the advertisement links welded to the foot of every email.

I settled in to using my own autorespondor from Ebiz-Response which I had total control over but had limited and restricted quotas for my lists. To remind anybody who hasn’t been following the newsletter miniseries, Ebiz-Response was part of a subscription offered by AX Gold which in turn was part of a Hosting Package run by Hostgator. As I said earlier on I can only load ten messages at a time for each autorespondor and have a limit of 5000 subscribers overall. So while this autorespondor is still useful it has limited potential for expansion. I still use this service for free offers and have several squeeze pages running different promotions mostly for list building.

Enter G-Lock Double Opt-In

So it was a pleasant surprise when I came across the G-Lock Double Opt-In Manager plugin which you can see on my sidebar. Although early days yet the plugin is behaving and is working just fine, it does a great job of organizing your list from the convenience of your WordPress admin. Of course as the plugin name suggests it handles your subscribers by using the widely used double opt-in protocol, which in turn gives your subscriber peace of mind. The only negative I would draw your attention to, is initially setting up your mail delivery settings in the general settings tab. You have two choices; either use the default mail setting or use the custom SMTP setting, after a little confusion I opted for the default setting.

It took a little while for the system to work because at first there were no emails going out when I sent out a test email. For the uninitiated, email protocols are extensive and confusing with so many differences between the likes of Gmail, Yahoo and MSN it’s hard to keep up, fortunately G-Lock has an extensive tutorial and forum to guide you through the procedures.

The G-Lock admin panel allows you to edit all of your messages like your welcome message and event notifications along with unsubscribe notices. You will find useful help links throughout the admin to guide you further should you come up against any issues. See image below

At the moment I am using the “Send broadcast newsletter from existing RSS content feed” and have set the broadcast to go out once my post count has reached five (you can set this to whatever you want or pick a day of the week) Further down the road I will change this to include a more formatted newsletter.         What’s the next step…… ?

Extending G-Lock Double Opt-In to integrate with G-Lock EasyMail

This is where this plugin becomes a very powerful application when integrated with G-Lock EasyMail. Once you have connected your WordPress blog to G-Lock EasyMail effectively you can build your own in-house permission based email list using a double opt-in subscription method. There is a fair bit of messing around with data base creation from your cPanel and one or two tweaks that need your attention, but with step by step instructions its well worth doing. I haven’t yet set this option up but I will give it a go sometime this week. Further things to consider from G-Lock EasyMail…..

Which G-Lock EasyMail option is right for you Right NOW

G-Lock EasyMail has 3 editions -Free, Personal and Business

What makes this mailing list software very cost effective? While you have a small email list, you can use a free edition of G-Lock EasyMail as long as you want. Then when your list grows, you can upgrade to the Personal or Business edition which provide you with more powerful features and capabilities.

So in closing , I think I will charge on with G-Lock EasyMail and start experimenting with different email templates and formats, they have extensive newsletter templates to choose from. I will update you on my progress in due course.

Let me know if you have used G-Lock and what you think about it….

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