Google Adwords and Adsense CTR Booster WordPress Theme

Can you Make Money on AdWords?

It wasn’t so long ago, that it was easy to make money with AdWords. You didn’t need to know that much about PPC advertising. You could get ads for pennies, and you only needed to have limited funds to get you started, you could sit back and watch your income increase as you made money on AdWords. Continue Reading …


Hard to believe but Adwords has been around since 2002 in its current form. I’ve been using Adwords since then and other pay-per-click search engines soon followed. Over those years, much has been said and written about Adwords.

Most of it has been people’s opinions or perceptions, many times misguided or just plain wrong. This of course hasn’t helped advertisers, confusing them, from the one-man operation to large

ones. Another factor is that Adwords has evolved and will continue to evolve. What was true just two or three years ago may not be completely accurate today. Advertisers not only must be aware of that

fact but also keep up and adjust as necessary. Download this PDF (By Pierre Levasseur, Lucid Web Marketing)

Dramatically increase your profits. Learn all my secrets with my book “ Building PPC Campaigns That Get Results” or let me manage your campaign for you.

Adsense CTR Booster WordPress Theme
Triple Your Adsense Earnings By Applying A Killer CTR Booster WordPress Theme Designed To Make Your Surfers Click Adverts By Mistake. The Is Great For Autoblogs As No Sidebar Widgets, Linked In With Twitter, Facebook And Google Buzz Instantly Viral.
Adsense CTR Booster WordPress Theme

My response to people who think Google AdSense is a scam. http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

An introduction to Google AdSense for Blogger users. - In this video I’m going to answer the question: How Does Google Adsense Work?
Video Rating: 5 / 5

50 comments to Google Adwords and Adsense CTR Booster WordPress Theme

  • Isaiah123453

    It doesn’t

  • bigredjew

    They cancelled me for no reason at all. Did it a day before I would receive the $30 I made, that of which would’ve helped me pay apartment bills. I’m a college kid and need all the help I can get. They offered this AdSense, and it was a godsend, then completely smashed any hope (and help) by doing what they did. Was really looking forward to all of it. =(

  • Sora1992ex

    =[ they cancled my acc after i had 225 on my adsence

  • brando3747

    u r very very right

  • GladeSwope

    @RetroPCDOS If you’re lucky enough to have a normal job, you’re so right. This has always been true with any hobby-based income- it’s so much more satisfying to make money from art when you’re not depending on it!

  • DrDollarGeneral

    This is a great video. I recently got started with Adsense and I couldn’t be happier with it. I go to college full time so I don’t have a lot of time for work, so this is a really cool and easy way to make money for food and rent. Thanks for the video! :)

  • kellyray40

    And the real kicker is that when you google complaints on adsense I’m by far not the only one they are doing this to.

  • kellyray40

    I think if they are going to put ads on my video that people all over the world are going there to see and I am allowing them to do so, how can they use my video to make money for theirselves’ and then when it comes to sending me mine all the sudden they dissable my accnt so I can’t see it, and keep running ads on my video??? All I can say is it is their loss!!!!!

  • kellyray40

    I am getting over 2000 hits a day on my music video. If they thought something was up why couldn’t they contact me or check into it? instead they just shut me down and acted like I was doing something wrong. And after they shut my accnt down they continued to fly ads on my video. Now whos really making the money???

  • kellyray40

    I did everything they said to do, they put the 99. into my account to make sure all that was right. Then after some time went by and it was time for them to deposit into my account they sent me a email telling me that my account had been shut down because they felt like I was getting to many clicks on ads. I know for a fact that none of my family or friends was clicking, all the clicks was ligit. Then they told me the money that had been generated by the hits would all go back to the advertiser.

  • 1Martiana

    Interesting. this vided did open my eyes and I still want to learn more. thanks a lot

  • b3lla0

    I just have one question for you, can you pick the ads that show up on the side of your video? Like if I have a video about Birds can I choose an add thats about Bird food?

  • b3lla0

    You go girl!

  • papetoes

    Hi! Have you ever tried the intellectus money maker (just google it)? Ive heard some great things about it and my mate made lots of money it.

  • coolboy34

    @LS834 Still doesn’t answer my question…and it’s even worse if I have to send my social security cause that could lead to identity theft. Again, what legal excuse do they have to wanna need my info?

  • LS834

    @coolboy34 u just need to tell them ur home address nd SSIN they will send u a sample mail to check ur address is rite then every month they will send u the check u dont need bank account nd it is secured for SSIN

  • LS834

    i just start ad sense 2 weeks i have 81 videos nd no website but i already made 33 dollars itsnt that bad since i am a student nd i usually upload videos for fun

  • coolboy34

    I have gone through the basic steps to sign up for AdSense on my channel through Youtube. What is troubling is that it mentioned my bank account. If AdSense is for real, then they are going to give me more then one way to claim my money right? I mean what legal excuse would google have to say they need such information?

  • PotatoPlop

    fuck is there any way I can block my own ads so I cant click on them, so i dont get disabled?

  • BreckNBoarder

    google adsense is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beesonthenet

    @studiousangel - idiot!

  • warchild1976

    is there anyway i can remove adsence for web browsing

  • jorge201021

    how do I start making my site and earning money? do I need to pay some bucks to join? do I need to download something for making the site? how do I put ads? can I also put downloads on my site?

  • studiousangel


  • studiousangel

    @Seqtopus can only state what I am currently going through and others as can earn money but they wont send you your payments. and there is no way to get assistance. they send you to FAQ of a bunch of people asking the same questions and cant help you. dont do it.

  • happierapps

    I’ve made more money through happier apps dot com

  • happierapps

    This is great, I took fast action on my HappierApps
    where we give iPhone Apps for Free!

  • pigmydmm

    Well it can Happen

  • Germanshadows

    I love blogger… And can’t wait to be 18 :D

  • stingrey93

    Adsense deactivated my account fr no reason :S. Just before a payment was going out. Have this happend to any of you?


    Eu não falo inglês!

  • ifanf

    I’m under 18 years old….I cant register -.-

  • c4life2828

    Nice video, Not to brag or anything but I get paid $100.00 or more a day. I work for with legit comapanies that pays well. Would you like to know my secret? Text (txtme Money) To (368638)

  • etesta63

    @galevivian You must read adsense policies and make sure you have good traffic. If you have a new site it’s best to wait at least 6 months.

  • astra32001

    can i have a google t shirt lol its nearly christmas

  • BladeCrashic122

    Fuck google adsense

  • LoungeVstudio

    will you give me money for this comment? I will sign up if your payouts are decent! SHow me whatchacan!

  • Minalover100

    @chuganator Yep, she sure is…

  • chuganator

    she’s so cute :D

  • PeriquinTV

    Sooo, this means I must get a blogger account and ditch tumblr?

  • jeyamaran333

    @iclark2400 Hello Mr. There r most successive blogger in d world they are getting more than 15000$ per day. Its d nly best way to generate more income. If u need 2 get more money na u hav 2 wrk hard

  • jeyamaran333

    @MrJohnramzi lol no chance yaar

  • greenflams

    @iclark2400 well you’d only have success on your blog with AdSense if your blog gets thousands of daily visitors.

  • MrJohnramzi

    is there any way to setup google adsense with face book?

  • musilosophy2

    Adsense probably is the best advertising platform for bloggers

  • osmarfrjunior

    @Make_Paz videos Muitos bom assisto regularmente;

  • zakikhanization

    what is this

  • heartmindspace

    I couldn’t give specifics but it’s something like three cents every time someone clicks on an ad, not when they visit your page. If they click the ad, you make something but at that rate it would take a boat-load, you know.

  • iclark2400

    @raptorclans did you end up setting up an account with them, and are you earning good money from the Blogger or is it just a big waste of time? I’m kind of interested to start blogging and earning some extra cash but if it’s peanuts then I think it’s not worth it, hope u can convince me otherwise! the video was very convincing and seems a little ‘too good to be true’ in some way..

  • iclark2400

    @KarlNuevo16 LMAO SERIOUSLY?!? $2/year, that’s not worth signing up for an AdSense account then! what can you buy with $2 these days anyway? maybe you could get a small cheeseburger but that’s about it really…stupid economy and inflation!

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