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How to use Google Analytics for your Google Site Placement

The Google AdWords network is the biggest online PPC ad network out there. Millions of users everyday around the world are exposed to ads from Google.  How many of those are your ads, and how many out of those millions are seeing them?

You’re may already be running a search campaign, but are you on the content network? if you aren’t then why not?  You’re missing out on the opportunity to exponentially expand your reach to customers around the world that you aren’t getting to by using search.  Using Google Analytics to help you refine your Google site placement within the content network can maximize your results from a content campaign.

There are thousands and thousands of sites to choose from on the content network, but you can choose the sites where you want your ads to appear.  It can be overwhelming when you’re first trying to figure out what your campaign will be. There are several ways you can run your content campaign in order to optimize the results you get.

But how do you choose which sites to advertise on? Google Analytics has a great tool to help you figure out just that.  It’s the Google Placement Tool, and it’s a great way to get an ultra-targeted campaign.

Using the referring sites report in Google Analytics, you can see all of the sites that sent visitors to your site. These are usually people who are writing about your site, such as press, articles, blogs, forums, or other online publications. A lot of these referring sites are part of the Google content network, and you are able to run advertisements on them.

So why not run your content network ads on these sites? They’ve already proven to have an audience interested in your product or service.  This is a super-easy way to get access to a highly targeted audience without any extra cost.

To do this, you will have to use Google’s Placement Tool.  You start by importing the list of referring sites into your AdWords campaign, and then export the referring sites list into a .csv.  Next, you copy the list of sites, and then paste it into a placement targeted campaign that you’ve already set up in AdWords.

That’s all you need to do to start running a highly-targeted campaign on sites that are already talking about you.  Since it only takes about 5 minutes to do, what reason could you have for not trying it out?

A great way to compliment this campaign and maximize your content network is by using AdWords Digger, It searches and ranks sites based on your criteria, from which you can then pick and choose and import into your AdWords placement targeting list.  It’s also completely free.  Check it out at

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