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Google Chrome 1st choice for surfers

Google Chrome is first choice for me, why! Quite simply SPEED. Fire fox used to be my default browser but not anymore. Compared to FF and IE8, Chrome is lightning fast and it has a more secure environment for storing your passwords.

When I first transferred over to FF from IE it was an inspiration with its huge choice of extensions that covered everything from SEO to bookmarking and more. The only problem with these extensions were the sheer number of them, eventually my FF browser got so bloated it slowed down to a crawl. Also it seems that FF has different protocols when calling for requested URLs; it’s kinda like being polite, sending the request and waiting for a reply before rendering the page. With G. Chrome it has a different process of calling for a URL; it forces the signal through and renders the requested page in seconds. In technical terms it uses DNS pre fetching to improve page load performance.

If you’re like me and you use the Internet daily then believe me, speed is a major factor in browser choice. I do a lot of file transfers through FTP and am constantly editing and creating new sites within CPanel. So it’s really vital to have a fast browser and of course a fast broadband connection is a must. Another point about Google Chrome is its simple and uncluttered options interface; it has 3 tabs for Basics, Minor tweaks and under the hood. Compared to FF or IE it’s a joy to use and doesn’t everyone want simplicity?

Addons for Google Chrome

It’s still early days yet for G. Chrome and they have still to integrate a lot more extensions, I do dearly hope that they do not go down the same road as FF and get to top heavy. I doubt this will happen because Google’s philosophy of less is best is why they’re so successful in nearly all that they do online. You can still get a lot of the firefox addon/extension type features on Chrome browser by using some smart bookmarklets. At the moment I use Zemanta, Twine, backtype and Note in Reader

Thankfully because of Google’s open source policy there are developers out there that are contributing to bettering Google Chrome for users. So here are some links that offer themes, addons and plugins. You will have to do a bit more work to install these addons, but it’s not too difficult as long as you follow the information and instructions. The following links are kindly supplied by, thank you!

Chrome Addon: AdSweep a Chrome ad blocker

AdSweep is a small addon that aims to hide advertising from the web pages you visit. In technical terms, AdSweep is a user javascript that defines CSS rules based on the web site you are visiting to hide elements of the page that show advertisements.

Chrome Addon: Google Chrome Channel Chooser

Google Chrome publishes new releases to the Dev channel frequently. The Dev channel gives the community access to upcoming features, features in development, and the latest bug fixes. We can use feedback from Dev channel users to improve and iterate on feature ideas, and make sure that the latest features work properly before we release them to a wider audience.

Chrome Addon: Stupid Chrome Tasks

So, here, for my own use and yours too if you have the need, is a very

simple program to export bookmarks from Chrome to a standard

document (the age-old bookmark.html file) usable by Firefox or IE (or I

would imagine just about anything else).

Chrome Addon: Portable Chrome

You’ve seen its flashy features and were impressed with its speed, and now

you wish you could put Google Chrome on your thumb drive and take it

with you wherever you go? It’s far from official, but German blogger

Caschy has put together a portable version of Google Chrome you can run

off your thumb drive. Just unzip the download to your thumb drive and

run ChromeLoader.exe. All your Chrome settings and profile information

now save to your thumb drive

Chrome Addon - ChromePass

ChromePass is a small password recovery tool that allows you to view the

user names and passwords stored by Google Chrome Web browser. For

each password entry, the following information is displayed: Origin URL,

Action URL, User Name Field, Password Field, User Name, Password, and

Created Time. You can select one or more items and then save them into

text/html/xml file or copy them to the clipboard.

Chrome Addon - Chrome Mailer

Google Chrome is the world’s most advanced browser, with many new technical features. We found one missing: we can’t send emails through Google Mail by clicking on mailto: links. All clicks will open up Windows’ default mail client. So we created an application that does the above: it’s called ChromeMailer.

Chrome Theme - Go Green

Author: Chromable, Author Notes: A mix of green colors in a truly “Green” environment. This is a theme for all of you who care about our planet. Go Green!

Want more Chrome Themes? Checkout this site @

A lot of these programs will become unnecessary with a forthcoming Chrome update, hopefully very soon. Let’s hear it from all you Chrome users, what do you think? Are you converted yet?

sigThanks’ as always for reading about my online journey, join me on web-WorkAtHome and tell me about your online adventures.

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