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If you’re considering more ways to increase your exposure on the web to advertise your brand or your profile then take a look at Google Profiles. Now I had my own Google profile some time ago but to tell you the truth I had forgotten all about it, until I listened to Shawn Collins Podcast.

This week on the Brandmouthing podcast, I talk about Google Profiles and whether they are something we should embrace with our brands or run away from quickly.

I also talk about a similar service from PeoplePond.

In his podcast he chats about the benefits and concerns from other bloggers, in particular he highlighted one blogger who was reluctant to endorse Google Profiles. I guess that there are still some people out there who believe that Google has too much information already, and I can see their point. The thing is if you want to spread the word about yourself then this is a no brainer, Google as we all know has massive authority on the web, so why not use it to your advantage. Does it give linkjuice back to your sites?  not according to some authors, but I do see it giving you more credibility within Google which is good for trust at any rate.

If you are in the affiliate business or are active in social networking you can gain a lot more feedback through sales and referrals. The setup is straight forward and Google allows you to add any website/Blog or social network to your profile. You can put as much information as you like or as little as you like, it’s up to you. Of course its always a good idea to join up to as many networks as possible to spread your reach.

Check me out and let me know what you think

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