Blogger off Google…nice try though!

blogger google

Screw this just give me more options to integrate similar actions like i can with WordPress. Okay its early days and to be fair Google’s Blogger may at last be coming of age, the geeks are finally giving blogger a major upgrade… not before time. Its all very nice and shiny with new additions of AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3 , makes for some great intuitive themes which are shared by the publisher and the visitor alike. As yet this new Dynamic Views are not available in sunny Edinburgh, where they are available there are still bugs but it does look promising.

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Google+ for Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything

Google+ is incredibly hot, and its powerful business features make it even more valuable to entrepreneurs and marketers. In this book, top social media consultant and Google+ early adopter Chris Brogan shows businesspeople how to leverage its immense potential before their competitors even realize it’s there. This friendly, conversational, business-savvy guide helps businesspeople identify where Google+ is most likely to offer them value, avoid missteps and wasted energy, and get results fast. This is a business book, not a technology book. Business decision-makers will learn: * How Google+ is different, and why the difference matters * Where to start after you sign up * How to define effective Google+ strategy and tactics * How to integrate Google+ into current online/digital strategies * How customers are using Google+ — and what they’re looking for * How businesses are using Google+ — with case studies from small businesses, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and employees * How to use Circles to organize contacts and interactions far more effectively * How to create posts that draw attention and spark conversations * How to build a simple, low-cost content strategy * How to grow an audience and share others’ valuable content * Tips and tactics for going way beyond the basics

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AdSense is still Top Dog for Display advertising

Google Adsense

Don’t knock it! AdSense is still top dog for a vast amount of webmasters but are you making the most of your AdSense units? Bigger is better and diversification is definitely called for when displaying AdSense on your blog or website. It’s all about position, however if you over-expose your “above the fold” ad placement it can have a negative effect on site visitors which converts to loss of earnings. The trick is to make use of content ad placement as well as leader board or sidebar ads. With the recent changes to Google’s search results more and more webmasters are seeing an increase in their AdSense earnings. A lot of this is down to instant search and an ever increasing diverse choice of search results.

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AdSense Dripfeed Click Lock - Click Fraud Prevention

Prevent invalid clicks on your Adsense ads so your account does not get banned. Adsense Click Fraud is growing fast - accounts are banned daily and AdSense publishers are losing thousands of dollars. Get AdsenseClickLock Now tomorrow may be too late.

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Google Search Story Creations for some fun

Its fun and imformative, this little box of tricks calles Google Search Story Creations can give you an instant video creation courtesy of Youtube that you can share with your favourite social networks and friends. It can be quite revealing just how you conduct your daily searches, looking at a marketing value this tool could be used in many ways especially for small business.

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Google Me! Wants your blessing and your information to enhance social interaction

Google Me wants to get more people to sign up and create a Google profile, and to encourage people to sign up they have improved the way you can find out what information they have about you, by showing all of your activities online. If you have a Google profile already you may well have noticed on your Google accounts page that you can click on the Dashboard link “View data stored with this account” If like me you are a busy chap then your activities will show up on all Google products that you use on a daily basis.

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Become an AdSense Expert

Google Adsense

Uncommon AdSense Provides Tips, Techniques And Strategies For Maximizing Your AdSense Earnings. Solid Advice From AdSense Expert Eric Giguere. Uncommon AdSense.

Adsense Expert

How to get started with Google Adsense & make huge cash profits in no time at all & with very little effort. Get 302 Free Adsense Websites and 40 Adsense E-books, Softwares and Videos Valued at Over ,900.00 Adsense Expert


Free book on AdSense Why SBI! can help you earn more with AdSense http 6 ways to earn more with AdSense How I Increased My AdSense

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Today I joined the Google+ social network and felt right at home. For me this latest release from Google is a Facebook Killer… mainly because I’m Google daft and secondly their open Data Liberation does so much better than Facebook or any other social network I’ve been at before. I have to admit to that blank moment when I first got into the Google+ interface but it didn’t last long and I was soon dragging people into my circles and exploring all the options available.

You can have as many circles as you wish for family, friends, business, or any

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Google Local Customer Magnet WWAH

Google Local Customer Magnet Target receptive new clients with the definitive Guide to Creating High Ranking Free Listings in Google Places and Google Maps. All business must do this soon, My guide is your golden egg to cash in on 2011′s biggest online business opportunity early Google Local Customer Magnet

The Google Solution From 2 years of research as operations director in a large investment firm, these 3 videos are designed to show businesses how to utilize free Google applications to make more money in their business and drastically improve work flow within their teams. The Google Solution

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Zapped by The Google Slap

Now, Google started to implement major new changes to how your website shows up on the search results page. At the beginning of November they started the instant preview mode where the searcher only needs to click on a small icon (magnify glass) to see a snapshot of your blog. This may not seem like anything major but it completely changes the searchers choice from a text overview to a visual display which is a powerful motivator for visiting your site… OR NOT! So the design of your website is now a significant trigger as I found out.

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