AdSense is still Top Dog for Display advertising

Google Adsense

Don’t knock it! AdSense is still top dog for a vast amount of webmasters but are you making the most of your AdSense units? Bigger is better and diversification is definitely called for when displaying AdSense on your blog or website. It’s all about position, however if you over-expose your “above the fold” ad placement it can have a negative effect on site visitors which converts to loss of earnings. The trick is to make use of content ad placement as well as leader board or sidebar ads. With the recent changes to Google’s search results more and more webmasters are seeing an increase in their AdSense earnings. A lot of this is down to instant search and an ever increasing diverse choice of search results.

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AdSense Dripfeed Click Lock - Click Fraud Prevention

Prevent invalid clicks on your Adsense ads so your account does not get banned. Adsense Click Fraud is growing fast - accounts are banned daily and AdSense publishers are losing thousands of dollars. Get AdsenseClickLock Now tomorrow may be too late.

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Become an AdSense Expert

Google Adsense

Uncommon AdSense Provides Tips, Techniques And Strategies For Maximizing Your AdSense Earnings. Solid Advice From AdSense Expert Eric Giguere. Uncommon AdSense.

Adsense Expert

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