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Google’s Matt it again

Grab a look at this Q & A session from Jason Lee Miller and Matt Cutts with Maile Oyhe, some revealing insights from the big G.

Recently, during a live chat Q&A, Googlers Matt Cutts and Maile Ohye, among others, faced the burning questions of webmasters around the world. Together, they put to rest some fears and myths, and confirmed some speculations.

Great post,
It’s all a matter of interpreting Google’s stance, which in its self is a challenge. The article question was fairly revealing and makes sense, this mass submission idea is unworkable today. Picking out key well known article directories and submitting quality materiel is the preferred action.
On the question of does the age of a website have an effect on the sites Page Rank; Ohye’s answer was not really decisive enough for me. It does give more weight and hope for new websites and blogs, and from what i can gather enforces to some degree the importance of trust and credibility for older domains.

“How about that Google made 450 tweaks to its algorithm last year?”

Not really surprising news, it’s like a game of cat and mouse, Google of cousre being the big bad Cat. (-:

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