Great Tips To Help You Exchange Reciprocal Links

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Using email to send out reciprocal link request maybe something of the past. Some website site owners have turned to software to request these reciprocal links. The email generated by the software basically consists of robotic phrases and is a big turn off to the email recipient. It either ends up in the bin or spam folder.

I am sure that you have received something similar before and therefore it is not a good idea to make the same mistakes. Here are some simple tips on requesting a link exchange.

1. Try to create the link to the other person’s website first. This way it will show that you are genuinely eager to exchange links.

2. Do you know what that person’s site is all about? Most people do not even bother exploring through the contents of the other persons website. All they need to know is that this particular persons website has a higher page rank and they would like to link to it. That has a very negative impact. The owner of the website will be able to identify your ill intention of exchanging links. One possible way to avoid this issue is to include a complement regarding the owners website.

3. Your email subject line should be straight to the point. Example of a proper email subject is “(yourdmainname) would like to establish a link to (the other domain name)”.

4. Although you may be a talented writer, keep your email as short as possible. No one likes to read a 2 page email just to request for a link exchange.

5. Try to be as specific as possible about what you want. When sending your request ensure that you state your anchor text and the page that you would like to link to. It is important that you also provide the correct URL.

6. Do not write an email with threatening conditions to the other website owner. For example do not write “If you do not add my link within 3 working days, your link will be removed”. No one likes to receive such emails.

7. Do not continuously spam emails to follow up on your request. The other person might be busy or out of town and do not have access to the internet. Please try to be patient and wait for the other person to respond.

8. Remember to write a short thank you email once your link is added. It will make sure that you stand out from the rest of the other people. Furthermore, the website owner that you traded links with might have other contacts that are willing to trade link with your website as well. Therefore it is never a bad thing to be polite and thanking the website owner. It will work out to your benefit in the long term.

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7 comments to Great Tips To Help You Exchange Reciprocal Links

  • You may also want to get a automated script that monitors the backlinks. I’ve had many people remove the backlinks after a month!

    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      @Chris, Hi Chris,
      Yes I have the same thoughts, I will have to have a look for a backlink monitor script, I usually rely on link exchange services but occasionally exchange manually. Do you have any recommendation for a decent script?

      Bill Masson´s last blog post..Great Tips To Help You Exchange Reciprocal Links

  • Sen and Qi

    Wow this is some excellent advice for newbies like me. i have really missed reading your blog but nw I am catching up again. Been very poorly of late but still trying to keep the Blog up. By the wya have you gone into Sqip yet and chittered? I have a follow me on Chitter blog contest on.

    Sen and Qi´s last blog post..Tutorial: How to shrink your urls with linkbucks

    • Bill MassonNo Gravatar

      @Sen and Qi, Hi , how are you doing? I haven’t been in Sqip for a while but i will check it out, will pop over and see what your up to. Hope you feel better.

      Thanks for the comment

      Bill Masson´s last blog post..Free Stuff

  • Another way of exchanging links is by requesting it directly on the comment form. Obviously this should not be done immediately as the owner will probably not only disapprove your comment, it will most likely ban you as a spammer. Commenting (meaningful ones) is a means to show the blog owner that you have actually read their posts.

    I have to admit that I am not so sure how effective an exchange link request would be on an email. Normally, I will not even read it. But then again, that’s me.

  • Ninah

    It is the biggest turn off to receive automated link requests. I have more respect for individuals who take the time to write custom requests and who try to link sites that are related to mine.

    Ninah´s last blog post..The Truth About Duplicate Content

  • These are excellent tips to help one exchange reciprocal links. It’s really important that you check out the site that you want to exchange links with. Patience and perseverance will definitely pay off. A simple thank you email will work wonders in building a good relationship between the blog owners. Thanks!

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