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Green Affiliate Marketing

Jumping on the Green affiliate Marketing bus makes sense in these self conscious times. It’s a popular choice now for millions of consumers to shop more wisely and give more thought to what they buy. Of course the big retailers are as always quick to catch on with a raft of so called Green products with environmentally friendly packaging. So if you are into affiliate marketing online or offline it would be a wise decision to jump in now.

Green Indicators

Green affiliate marketing is set to continue its rapid growth as world economies and consumers latch on to this buoyant market. If you think about it affiliate marketing is good for the environment as there are no overheads that compare to the traditional storefront. Overall affiliate marketing online has got to be the most cost effective way to promote your product.

Green Lifestyles

You shouldn’t have any problem finding products to promote as most affiliate networks have a healthy choice of eco friendly programs. Check out Green Affiliate Programs they have a large selection of eco friendly retailers and companies that offer all sorts of health and beauty products. The range of green products can be anything from white goods appliances to herbal remedies, the list is endless.

With many consumers turning to the web for purchases and information this green trend shows no signs of slowing down. The potential growths of future green sales are likely to be the top agenda as world economies rebuild from the recession.

Build your site with green in mind

If you have a website or blog you may want to include your green credentials, you don’t have to be at the cutting edge but it helps if you at least endorse the concept. The fact that you have a web presence in the first place is an action in itself. There are many blogs that champion the cause of green eco causes; many of them do so out of concern for the environment and not for profit. In the real world though many blog for profit out of necessity.

Checkout some of these Green links to give yourself an idea of what other people are up to.

Cathy Ives Green Eco Services

Africa Going Green Directory

Lisa Sharkey & Paul Gleicher Dreaming Green

WebEcoist Sustainable living

Green Living Toolbox (Mashable)

What’s your view on the Green economy?  Is there money to be made in those Green hills?

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