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Grow a Facebook Fan Page Overnight

Facebook fan pages have become the new focus of the online marketing world. Evidence of their power and influence is extensive and underground marketers using them have reported earning thousands every day. So what can we do to grow our Facebook fan pages to the stage where they’re gathering viral traffic like crazy? In this article, I am going to go over one fast and effective method of achieving this.

The first time I fully understood the power held in Facebook fan pages was when I was surfing through my profile news feed. I’d seen that a friend of mine had just joined a humorous fan page. Curious, I clicked the link and entered the page. To my surprise, the fan page had gathered over 100,000 fans in its first 24 hours of existence. I refreshed the page a few times to see how fast it was growing – over 100 new people joined every time. The page was growing at an exponential rate and the vast scope of influence through Facebook users’ news feeds was just incredible. After this experience, I decided to turn my focus on to how this incredible amount of Facebook traffic could be used to make money for my websites.

Before you learn how to take a fan page viral, you need to know the amount of effort involved. From my observations, Facebook fan pages go viral once they have gathered over 20,000 members within a one week period. This gives the page enough fans to ramp up the volumes fast and once the fan page starts increasing virally there is really know stopping it. But you will have to work to get your page up to that crucial 20,000 mark.

The method I am going to teach you today is called the “Rapid Movement Method”. This method is an efficient and successful way of taking your first Facebook fan page viral. To start off, find a fan page which has already gone viral and relates to the fan page you want to grow. This fan page must have at least 100,000 members, as we only want to have to use this method once per fan page. You need to contact the admin or the owner of the page. Contact details are often left on fan pages by administrators, however if you cannot find the administrator’s contact details, the “Discussions” tab is always a good alternative means of communication. Place a message in this tab along the lines of, “can the admin please PM my Facebook profile about this page?” Once this has been done and the admin contacts you, you need to negotiate for a status update on the fan page to encourage others to join your fan page. It’s like a form of advertising, but with a guaranteed audience. This can cost up to $100, a little pricey yes, but if you can get your page to go viral, it is a worthwhile investment.

Use this strategy to take your fan page viral and build masses of influence with Facebook members. If you can do this successfully, then it is not out of your reach to capture hundreds if not thousands of fans in your businesses opt-in offers or other websites that you have.

Sam Bakker has been making money online for the past 7 years. If you would like to get a free copy of Sam’s new Facebook marketing report visit his Internet business website now.

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  • Mike Helton

    Hey Sam,

    Now that I know more about FaceBook, I think I’ll put this to a test. When it works I’ll get back with you.


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