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You have three options you can follow if you want to post about your service or Website/Blog to

1st Option

If you would like to write an article about your blog or yourself and include any relevant marketing or home business news, then please register first. After you have registered then please email your post in a plain text or word attachment to [email protected] or use the simple contact form below and hit send. Once I approve your post, you will receive notification. You can of course include a link back to your own blog or site; all guest posts will have a box about the author at the end of the post.

You are free to include up to three links in your bio box, one link to your site and one link to its RSS feed or one link to your site and one link to your Twitter account and so on. As long as you write useful and beneficial information for my readers then your article will get published. You can write about any affiliate program or Niche on any subject, please feel free to express yourself but keep it clean. It obviously makes sense to target your articles for individuals looking to earn extra cash online with relevant keyword anchor text. You can browse the categories right here on to get an idea what’s relevant.

2nd Option

Submit a Post through Unique Article Wizard to get one way backlinks and a whole lot more.

Sign up to Unique Article Wizard write your article and look for You can read more about Unique Article Wizard here and at the same time if you have any questions that are not answered in the article leave a comment and I will get back to you. If you require unique articles for your own WordPress blog you can download the UAW WordPress plugin and get started right away; this will allow you to receive articles on a wide range of subjects.

To really understand how Unique Article Wizard works download the UAW Special Report. It’s packed with coordinated chapters that guide you through the marketing process, an excellent read and well worth downloading.

3rd Option

Submit an article through SEOLinkVine

This choice is similar to option 2 and generally has the same unique added benefits but with a wider selection of SEO benefits and marketing tools. Its run by Brad Callen and offers publishers unique content and a great article submission service to build backlinks. To find out more about SEOLinkVine checkout the FAQs page once you sign up, it has training videos along with frequently asked questions. The videos are not long or complicated and are easy to follow.

You are allowed to add 3 total links per submitted article. Your articles must be at least 300 words or more. We recommend around 450-600. The maximum is practically unlimited. SEOLinkVine WORKS. It’s already field-tested, and proven to deliver results.

Products to give away

If you have a product that you want to give away to promote your site or business, as long as it brings value to my readers then get in touch @ [email protected]

Products can include scripts(Must be verified) or eBooks, also any special offers or discount codes can generate interest and traffic for your site.

Post Rules for articles emailed personally via email

Your post must be original and must have never been published before on the Internet. Set your word count to at least 400 and no more than 800. Please do not go over the top with blatant advertising within your article.

Affiliate links are prevalent throughout with the use of deep linking provided by the SEO Ultimate plugin which has no affiliation with this site. So there will be certain keyword terms like Twitter

that will link to offers and other affiliate sites.

Thank you for showing an interest,

Bill Masson

Posting and comments policy

Some posts allow readers to post comments. Anonymous comments will not be allowed, nor will posts without a valid (working) email address.

I reserve the exclusive right to moderate all posts and comments posted on my site, including but not limited to:

  • Marking up comments/posts that contain flames or ad hominem attacks against me or others in the community. Any comments that I decide are personal attacks against me or others. Such flames will be marked as deleted and linked to this page.
  • Deleting comments/posts that contain flames or ad hominem attacks against my family or friends. Repeat offenders will be banned by all available means.
  • Deleting comments/posts that are off-topic. Comments that are dramatically off-topic or do not contribute to the discussion of the posts (or any discussion that has arisen in the comments) will be deleted. Email is the best way to give me your opinion in these cases, ask me anything.
  • Not all posts have comments enabled, and this is intentional. Some posts have comments enabled for a limited time, and then no more comments may be added; this is also intentional. Attempts to use one post to comment on another will be deleted.
  • Deleting comments/posts that contain offensive language. Repeated use of abusive and offensive language will be deleted and banned.
  • Trackbacks are remote comments and are subject to these same rules.
  • Make use of the “no follow attribute” [<a href="" rel="nofollow">My Link</a>] if you are leaving links in your comments.(No Spam)

Ultimately these rules are here to give me some control over my site. Hopefully I’ll never have to resort to them, thank you for your understanding.

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