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Here’s the latest news on SQUIPCOM

News in brief…We are on target to go live in a few days from now.

Other news…We are introducing additional payment options in your back office area. You will see that Pay Pal is already there and a few more will be added in the coming days.

Locking in the current PEP price with a monthly payment plan is also available again.

This is currently only available via Pay Pal but we will be adding other options soon.

Weekly payouts: Starting in a few days you can request a withdrawal to your Towah account. Pay Pal and other options will be included soon.

This is the first step in providing you with your Sqip Ewallet.

You will be able to withdraw funds DAILY in the very near future

Commissions and dividends will be credited to your ewallet daily…so you do not have to wait until every Friday to get your commission or once a month to get your PEP dividends.

Other features being added later include…

Make instant payments to any Sqip member from your ewallet.

Merchant tools for members using our auction and other Ecommerce sites.

Direct transfer to local banks in 34 countries at local transfer rates.

Some of these features will be available now or over the coming days…others will be implemented into your new back office system which will offer you amazing ‘State of the Art’ features.

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