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Home Based Financial Advice Provider

For those of you with experience in financial planning and advice, you may consider branching out to a home based business as a financial coach. Many of these professionals already work from their homes, very much in a home office setting. There are many different financial fields that you can approach, the key point is selling your skills, so having a degree of financial management and planning will serve you well. If you think that you’re up to it then this can be an excellent home based business.

Choice of Business

The financial sector is large and very flexible with numerous options open to you. If you have a background in accounting or business management you can offer your services to online or offline businesses as a consultant or hands on. The list of finance tasks is more than big enough to find something to get your teeth into. Another popular advisory service is the stock exchange, so if you have experience with investing methods for stocks and bond’s this can be a very lucrative model. There are plenty of online examples that you can take a look at to give you an idea of how to structure your own home based business.


When you offer financial advice and services, depending on where you live you will be subject to the local licensing laws. It all comes down to how you want to set up your business, if you don’t want to go through the licensing procedure you can always produce your own E-Books or information products to sell or market online. Having your own website or blog will be a great asset too; contacts and leads are your main priority in drumming up business. I think respect comes to mind here so if you have all the necessary licensing and qualifications its best to show it on your bio, pay particular attention to your Linkedin and FaceBook Profile as recruiters are always checking these locations.

For those of you with a background in helping people to manage their daily finances or getting people out of debt or other similar assistances, you can make use of these skills by helping people on the web. You could sell informational products on budgeting and getting out of debt. If need be you can work on an individual one on one basis to better manage their budgets or debts and improve their financial status.


As a financial advisory provider you will need impeccable references of your work history and accomplishments. You also need to be able to sell yourself to get clients to work with you. This entire home based financial business option can be done from home. It’s probably a good idea to have a separate room in your house just for your business. Keep up to date with any licensing laws and requirements for your area. If you are able to accomplish these requirements then you stand to make a sizable income from the comfort of your own home.

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5 comments to Home Based Financial Advice Provider

  • Your readers may be interested in knowing about the emerging field of Money Coaching. We at the Money Coaching Institute train and support finacial advisors, life coaches, family therapists, and others, in our proprietary process.

    Money Coaching is a step-by step process that is neither therapeutic counseling nor financial planning. It is powerfully transformative work that is effective for anyone who wants to expand their life personally or professionally and desires to create a more purposeful and prosperous life.

    Money Coaching will help your clients to:

    - improve their relationship with money, and with others in their life (spouse, children, parents, business partners) where money is often a source of anxiety or stress.

    - identify and work with their money type to achieve greater prosperity and fulfillment.

    - allow them to understand and remove unconscious blocks to achieving their highest potential.

    - help them to simply feel better about money and their life.

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  • Neo

    Yes one of my friend is working as a home based financial advisor but he has worked in a company for 7 years and today he is very knowledgeable in his work.



  • There are many different financial fields that you can approach, the key point is selling your skills, so having a degree of financial management and planning will serve you well.


  • used tiresNo Gravatar

    Currently I am a finance major in my 3rd year of college, it’s reassuring to know that in case that I can’t land a job, I can always work from home, be able to become a financial planner from home =D

    Till then,



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