Home Based Jobs in the Pet Industry

The pet industry is a massive market where there are plenty of opportunities to start a work at home business. You can guarantee that people love their pets as much as they love their family members; in fact some owners have pets as a substitute for family members. For this reason, many people are looking for ways to help them to care for their pets. If you love animals and have some basic skills dealing with them, you could turn this into a home based business. Pet sitters, for example, are able to provide a shelter for pets while their owners travel. If you have the experience to do grooming as well then this is another of many options available to you. There can be many other ways you can provide pet services within your home and make a business out of it.


In the pet industry, there are various fields you can specialize in or offer in your home based business. For example, you may wish to invest some time in getting a pet groomer’s certificate so that you can provide this service to clients in your local area. There are various online courses that use interactive DVDs but I would join a course that is hands on so you know what to expect from real live pets, just Google “pet groomer course” for some examples of courses available in your local area.

If you are not interested in obtaining a license or studying for a course, there are still pet businesses you can do. As an example, one of the largest growing businesses in inner cities is pet walking businesses. During the day, you simply pick up the pet and take him or her for an extended walk. A lot of patience and understanding of pets is a must; anybody can walk dogs but if you don’t like pets then don’t force yourself into this job.

As well as pet walking a more popular option is a pet sitting business, pet owners drop off their pets at your home, you care for the pet during the day, and then the pet owner picks them up and takes them home. With this option you will need to provide boarding for owners pets. Depending on your setup you can stipulate time limits of short or long stays and price accordingly. It could be in the form of a day care centre or for longer periods of time a boarding setup, which needs more work in the form of health care and grooming ect. This type of sitting service can be very lucrative and requires just supervision of the animal, feeding and looking after them throughout the day. For a pet lover, this is an easy home business to take on.

Things to keep in mind!

A few points to keep in mind in the pet industry home based business industry, for example, you will need to have the experience necessary to handle these animals. You also need to keep your home in compliance with local pet laws by not boarding too many animals. If you have a fenced in yard this will also help your efforts and encourage more business.

If you are ready to take on a pet industry business in your home, start by learning more about your options. Design a website to help you market your business, talk to locals about what they are looking for. You could start by producing flyers and post them around your local area, you might be surprised at the response.

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