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8 comments to Get your own Hosting Reseller Website for FREE

  • ►WWAH◄: Get your own Hosting Reseller Website for FREE

  • I think I would move to a self hosted domain one of these days when I get around to learning how to use wordpress or joomla. I agree that a self-hosted blog has a lot more benefits that I can use personally.

    • Hi Michelle,
      You can set this free reseller hosting site up without self-hosting it yourself. As for self-hosting well it’s a journey that all web-masters get to eventually, the funny thing is once you have self hosting you wonder why you never tried it earlier.
      But isn’t that just the way of life :-)

  • fresno movers

    Hosting your own site is worth it. Having complete control over your domain is a nice situation to be in.

  • Al Patoni

    Using any type of hosting for free just isn’t the best thing to do. It’s never reliable and support never really cares for you if you’re not paying for their time on the website.

    • I agree with you on free hosting but this article is primarily about setting up your own website to sell hosting packages, you can use the default URL and template which are hosted by Reseller Panel or you can set up your own domain name and host it yourself. It’s all about selling self-hosting, this is your primary concern and with this service you have many choices to pursue.

      Thanks’ for your comment

  • Al [email protected] Free Microsoft Points

    I have to agree with you on that one, Bill. I haven’t been using a free hosts reselling service. Although I have used Host Gator’s for quite some time, i’m not really too sure on how it works for free hosting. Maybe I’m a little bias, who knows…

    • Hi Al,

      Yes I have hostgator too and you can still use this hosting reseller site alongside hostgator, you just have more options to style your template and customize your own hosting plans and prices for comparison. When i said free i didn’t mean that you get a hosting plan for free, the post points out that ResellerPlan allows you to use their servers to host the default template and URL. You can however opt to host the website on your own server and have your own domain name.
      Checkout the affiliate page for more info.

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