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Hot Niche Trends

Continuing on from a previous post (Dependency on single sources of Income) I briefly touched on Niche Sites, in this post I want to go into more depth about the tools you can use. Hot Niche Sites are proven money earners.

Some niches are ultra-competitive and others have little or no real competition; almost any niche you choose will have some level of competition, choose a niche that is not a trend or fad that is likely to be short-lived. You’ll want to find a niche that is current and popular, but look for something that will still be around and equally, if not more, popular in the future. Jumping in to an expanding niche can help you to grow along with the niche. If you can start to build your site before the competition heats up you’ll be ahead of the game when everyone else is following behind you.

Domain Names
You may also want to include some domain name research in your initial legwork. If you’ve attempted to buy a domain name before, you know how difficult it can be to find one that you like and that your visitors will be able to remember. To see some free tools to help you in the process, see Top 10 Domain Tools Search

What’s Hot on the grapevine?
Once you’ve created and launched your new website you’ll want to do some marketing and probably some networking with other likeminded people in your niche. This can prove to be much easier if there are strong community sites discussing niche marketing. This would include forums, social media sites, groups, etc. A lot of the areas of niche marketing are discussed in the many valuable forum sites that exist. I have personally benefited greatly from sites like Warrior Forum, SitePoint and Anthony Blake forum. If you find a niche that has this type of community, you will probably have some real opportunities to market to targeted visitors. If the niche you are considering is too unique to have other sites, you will have a harder time with marketing since you won’t know where to find potential visitors.
Don’t spend too much time in the forums, it’s easy to lose track of time and this will only be counter productive, but you will gain with a wealth of information available. Some forums are run by leading marketers like Anthony Blake; these marketers bring in a lot of quality traffic.

Tools to Help with Your Research
Researching a niche doesn’t have to take days or weeks of researching and studying. The tools that are available online can help you to gather some essential information pretty quickly. Of course you won’t want or need to use all of the resources listed here, but using a combination of a few of them can provide you with enough information to make an intelligent, informed decision.

Google Search - One of the most basic ways to do some research is to simply run searches for words and phrases related to the topic of interest. This will give you a good idea of what sites are highly ranked for and some of the more important search phrases. After doing several searches you may get an idea of how competitive a niche will be. If you’re finding small blogs and websites doing well in the SERPs, chances are you’ll be able to compete.

Google also offers some useful options in the advanced search features. On the advanced search page you’ll see “Page Specific Search.” Here you can enter the URL of a page and Google will find others that are similar. This can be helpful if you know one of the leading websites in a niche and you quickly want to see who Google recognizes as being similar. There is also an option to enter a page URL and see what other pages link to it. Google excludes many links in its results, so this option can be useful, but it certainly won’t show you every inbound link to a page.

Google Trends - If you’re looking to see how much interest a topic currently has online, Google Trends is a great tool. It will not only show you what’s hot now, but it will help you to track trends. The front page of Google Trends will show you the top 10 hottest trends from today. Additionally, if you click on the link for “more hot trends” you’ll see a list of the top 100 trends. You can even change the date to go back and see hot trends from past days, and you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the hottest trends.

Yahoo Buzz Index - The Yahoo Buzz Index will show you what’s hot now, and provide you with some basic information. The front page, of course, provides you with some information on the topics getting the most buzz, and there are also categories for actors, movies, music, sports, tv, and video games. Story’s include links to a number of searches as it details the increases these phrases have experienced in the past 2 weeks.

Google Alerts - Another tool from Google, Alerts allows you to set up an email notification regarding a particular search phrase. You simply enter any search phrase that you want to track, the type (news, blogs, web, comprehensive, video, or groups), how often you want to be emailed, and your address. Say you set it to send weekly emails. Each week you’ll get a message with new pages (or videos) that have been indexed by Google for the search phrase you’ve chosen. It doesn’t guarantee that the pages themselves are new, but they are new to Google.

Google News - Depending on the topic you are researching, a news site like Google News can very helpful. Google News tracks leading stories on what they consider to be news websites and blogs (over 4,500 sources). You’ll see the top stories on the front page, but you can also visit category pages and run searches specifically news. The Google News search only returns items that come from the news sources, as opposed to a general Google search.
One of the most useful features of Google News is that once you’ve done a search, you can subscribe to an RSS feed that will give you news for that search term. To subscribe to a feed, scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar you’ll see links for RSS and Atom feeds.

Google Blog Search - In addition to the standard search, a blog search can help to show more current results. With the blog search you’ll see how recent each blog post displayed was published. This will give you a good idea of how much is currently being written and published on a subject. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed for any search phrase.

Technorati - Technorati will give you similar information to what you’ll find with a Google blog search. If you’re just looking to see how much is being written on a topic, you can search and subscribe to a feed for the search.
Additionally, you can learn a little bit more about the popularity of particular blogs. Technorati has a ranking system based on authority, which is a measure of how many other blogs link to a particular blog. A lower number is good for the ranking, while a higher number is good for the authority. To see this, simply do a search for the URL of a blog. The search results will show all of the inbound links to the blog as recognized by Technorati.

Techmeme - If the niche you’re researching is related to technology, Techmeme is another resource. Techmeme tracks the top tech-related news stories at any given moment. And of course you can subscribe to their RSS feed which will send you the top stories. Techmeme can be used to find the stories and topics that are getting the most attention currently.

Tailrank is somewhat similar to Techmeme in that it tracks hot stories, but it’s not only focused on technology. Tailrank also shows how many blogs are linking to a particular story, which can also be a gauge of how much interest exists for a topic. With Tailrank you can do a search and have the option to subscribe to a feed for the search.

PRWeb is the leading source for press release distribution. On their site you can see recent press releases. Another similar site is PRBuzz. This is a great insight into what Industry and mainstream business are talking about.

With these tools you’ll be able to get a good idea of the potential of a particular niche.

Are there other tools you use or other things that you look for in a niche? Please feel free to leave your comments, Thanks’ for reading.

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1 comment to Hot Niche Trends

  • Cashing in on niche trends is a very lucrative way to go. There are tons of tools out there and these are some great ones to use on a daily basis. I always like to see if a topic has staying power before I invest too much into it, such as a keyword or topic staying hot for like 7 days or more.


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