Hottest Social Media Tools for 2010

The last twelve months has seen an explosion of growth in social media to such an extent that companies have had to radically rethink their advertising and marketing strategies. Agencies are rewriting the rule book on sound marketing practice and embracing social media for all its worth. It has become the buzz word to sell to clients and clients buy it because they do not want to be left alone at the starting gate. This was upheld in a recent survey by McCann Erickson which concluded that over two thirds of the marketers interviewed did not understand enough about social media to use it effectively yet over 86% of them thought it was here to stay.

The bottom line is that we, the consumer are now very firmly in charge of proceedings thank you very much. No advertiser is in a position anymore to tell us how good something is, we`ll just go and find out for ourselves through social networking.

So now, marketers need to come up with ingenious ways of infiltrating social media in an attempt to build a ground swell on their products. The truth of the matter is that no matter how clever a campaign is, if the product is ultimately flawed or just plain poor it will be found out.

The biggest success stories are simply down to people telling other people how good something really is. You can harness the power of social media to catapult your product into the public domain but be prepared for it to crash and burn if the product is ultimately inferior.
Ok, so you have a terrific product so what are the social media trends you need to look out for in 2010?

1. Mobile technology. More and more companies are banning the use of social networking in the work place so employees are turning to their new smart phones for access. (Hint: Get into Apps)

2. Sharing stories. 2010 will see more phone apps for saving stories to send to friends` phones. I-Phone is leading the way with thousands of developers producing all sorts of apps for sharing. (Hint: Don’t follow the crowd, be unique)

3. Love them or hate them, embrace Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, Dig and any more that launch. They will be your friends. (Check your privacy settings!) (Hint: Keep your family and friends separate from your business)

4. Use social media monitoring tools such as Boardreader, Backtype, Trendrr, SocialOomph and Socialmention to name just a few.

5. Groups, lists and niche networks will become more popular which will encourage people to hide the clutter and concentrate on their preferred group or list. (Great for fine tuning your campaigns)

6.  Companies will look for cost savings to serve customers more effectively through leveraging social technology. Your local health care and city utilities are going to grasp the idea of social media to bug you about your last bill… (Hint: don’t let themJ)

7. Odds on, that your company will have a social media policy which will be a mandatory contract forcing you to refrain from social media in the work place. (Mobiles may also be banned…groan!)

As more and more people look to escape from the corporate world by starting a new business, or even find additional income through part time work such as work from home the opportunities online are many. Social media can play a large part in making this leap a real success.

I have no reservations about social media only enthusiasm, for me social media has increased my reach across many demographics and is earning me not just revenue but also authority. My traffic has increased my ROI has increased and most of all my perception of social media has changed all for the better. So my advice for 2010 is…Get on to the social media bus, or be left behind.

Do you have any predictions for social media in 2010?

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7 comments to Hottest Social Media Tools for 2010

  • What are new social media tools I should know about?

  • Yes it has been the great achievement for the marketing techniques as such we move forward.

  • Everything is going global and mobile. The future of technology is in miniaturization (since few decades) and logistic independently from settled base. I hope that we will soon see fully mobile computers (laptops are not fully mobile).

  • I would focus on a combination of up-n-coming social trends like Google Wave and Bing, also possibly Google FastFlip. Also I would recommend “stand-bys” like twitter and Facebook, and I’d suggest being able to explain how things like twitter and Facebook fan pages can give added value to a company’s social media efforts.

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    You need to find a topic, niche or something of interest to a lot of people. Then you need to promote your blog on the internet and build up a network of readers and subscribers. If you have truly interesting, unique content then your network should spread and grow.

  • I think that social socites like facebook will be more popular. Companies didn’t pay anything for having their own profile and evyryday more and more people look for information on social sites instead on google. Today I heard in radio report about searching on social sites and most people said that they give more trusth to the information they find there.
    Osadnicy z catanu´s last blog ..Wilki i Owce My ComLuv Profile

  • I agree with you, some of the businesses I know have switched to Facebook and Twitter to advertise their new products and get more closer to their consumers, I believe that way they’re getting good advertising without paying much and also getting sales.

    But I would like you to thank you for the warning you made in point no. 3, many bloggers writing about the connection of social media and businesses unintentionally forget about warning people over privacy settings, ofcourse they are focusing just on the business part so I cannot blame them really. But people do sometimes get a bit stupid (yes very good businessmen too), in hope of getting customers they may keep their personal life and business life together and hence allowing even strangers to get access to their personal data.

    That is already being the case with youngsters who’re just too much into social networking fun that they don’t know where to limit. They’re allowing strangers to be their friends and thus invading their privacy.

    For businesses, they should keep their social media campaign very clever because it’s a public social networking place and you shouldn’t really annoy them. Be clever and market wisely.

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