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How Can Tags help your online business?

When we look at all the trends that have come and gone on the Internet over the years we find that there is a common theme, this evolving theme is geared towards greater symmetry and cohesion. The Internet has to evolve to bring together its limitless expansion to the masses. 
In order to give greater control to the Internet user and especially to website and blog owners the next milestone looks like being the tagging system. How can Tags help your online business?

Articles became the hot potato in 2004 and continue to be a valuable traffic source, Blogging and pinging were the marketing strategies for 2005, Videos started coming on stream in 2006. Now, the question that many Entrepreneurs ask is: what’s the next big thing that will hit the internet marketing world by promising to be highly efficient and profitable?

It’s called tagging, and though some of you may not be familiar with it right now, you will be able to master the same principles of tagging by the end of this article.

Tagging is a new way of categorizing certain topics of your blogs.

Categorizing blog entries is nothing new. Whether you have been using Blogger’s services or WordPress, you should be very familiar with how categorizing works. If your entry has something to do with niche marketing strategies for example, chances are you’d place it under the category of niche marketing. If your entry has something to do with publishing techniques, you’d place the same under the category of publishing.

The titles of these categories are very important for tagging. This is because these titles serve as your tags. Okay, But Why Is Tagging So Important for Internet marketing?

Tagging is an innovative way of categorizing information in the World Wide Web, a fact which we have established earlier. But tagging has a distinct advantage over other categorizing methods currently available.

Users are in control over the proper categories of the information they will share, and users are no longer dependent on search engines to do the categorizing for them. With tagging, they can simply allocate certain content under certain categories and the tagging system will take care of the rest.

The biggest tagging service available for people on the internet is Technorati. It is a widely popular website that attracts millions of visitor’s every day. It’s not really different from the pinging systems that have grown in popularity over a year ago. The system employed by Technorati involves the following:

* Users can categorize their latest blog entries according to tags.
* Each category will display the newest entry on top.
* The hottest tags will be displayed on the homepage, available for everyone to see.

Bingo,the businessman in you will see the many benefits you can derive from the Technorati tagging system.

1. You can use it as a market research tool. Simply study the hottest tags, which should correspond to the hottest topics on the internet today. With millions of visitors, such hot tags hold a lot of weight, and whatever you can gain from the same will more or less be determinative.

2. You can use tagging as a new type of pinging, but better. Do you have a blog? Categorize each new entry and file them according to the hottest tags of the moment. You will be able to expose your URL to a very wide audience.

3. Update your blog regularly, and tag every new entry. You’ll almost, always be on top of the category appropriate for the tag. This is a great way to ensure fresh visitors every time you post something new.

So Is Tagging The Next Big Thing?

Already, tags are being used in other popular websites like MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube, a category management system that any online businessman can exploit to drive traffic to there website or blog.

Tagging is one of the fashionable methods included in what many Internet marketers have labelled as “new age marketing.” It’s something that the present generation of internet users have come to accept as a standard, and to win their attention, we have to play their game.

As allways Thanks’ for reading & please leave your thoughts.

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