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How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

Here’s some easy to follow advice to all the people who don’t know anything about affiliate marketing or online network marketing.

Lesson 1 will be to introduce you to affiliate marketing:

I will keep this short, because I am sure you can use google to research this topic intensively.

What is affiliate marketing? As an affiliate marketer it is your job to promote other people’s products. A lot of times these are digital products in the form of ebooks or videos. As the affiliate marketer you get paid comissions for every sale that you generate, this could be as high as 50%-70% of the buying price.

So how do you get a sale as an affiliate marketer? Most of the times the sales page or “pitch page” will be already there and you just get a personal link that people have to click on. If someone clicks on your link, they get sent to the sales page of your chosen product. If they decide to buy that product it will be logged as your affiliate sale and commissions will get paid out to you as the affiliate marketer.

Right, so how do you start with affiliate marketing?

Step by step:

1. Join an affiliate network. I suggest you sign up at, because they have instant downloadable digital products and pay very high commissions.

2. Look for a product to promote on the marketplace. Clickbank uses stats called gravity showing you how popular a product is, so it makes it easier for you as affiliate marketer to choose a popular product. I recommend choosing a product that you are interested in or know a lot about, because this will keep you motivated promoting it.

3. Get your affiliate link. For clickbank just click on “get hoplink” and you will get your own personalized hoplink that you can use to promote. Copy this link so that you have it with you. You can paste it in a notebook file.

4. Start promoting your product. There are so many ways to promote, you can research all of them on google, but here are some free ways to promote it - Create a blog at and write about your product, mail people, use facebook (groups, status, links etc.), Twitter, create youtube videos, write a lot of articles about things that are related to your product, post in forums, etc. Just remember to include your hoplink everytime, so that people can easily click on it.

5. See the commissions roll in. This could take quite a while, before you receive your first commission, but don’t get disheartened, because there is nothing more thrilling than seeing that first commission on your clickbank account.


- I suggest you get a website with customizable name to promote your product with. (contact me for good suggestions of cheap web hosters)

- If you are in it for the long term, you should get an autoresponder service that captures leads on an opt in page. Then you can use email marketing to get them.

- If you don’t know how to or don’t want to make your own webpages, setup an autoresponder service etc. you should get Clickbank Pirate which gives you 5 optimized webpages, blog with articles and everything so that you can just promote the links to it. It even markets to everyone that signs up to these pages so you can keep making money on autopilot. 99% of the work is done for you.

If you want to find new ways to make money online, check out Freebonus4u, where you could also grab a lot of free bonuses.

Access helpful facts about marketing - study quoted web page.

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