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How to Design your own WordPress Theme

I found this post the other day about designing and producing your own WordPress themes, this definitely appeals to my sense of uniqueness. The template I have at the moment is okay but I would love to expand the design and layout. My biggest problem of course is my limited technical knowledge and with so many other daily tasks I’m afraid design takes a back seat. So I began to search and research this popular and lucrative subject. Below you will find the beginning of a very comprehensive list to get your teeth into. To see the complete list please click through to >>

How to Create a WordPress Theme From Scratch
Good walk through list which details the creation of WordPress themes and templates, Top list literally takes you through every stage from start to finish.

The 5 Minute Theme
The simple process of creating a basic WordPress theme, great for beginners.

Turn any Template into a theme
Flash tutorial; Just a bit on the blurry side and too fast to keep up for non designers, but with pausing and starting you can begin to get an insight of how to use any template and change it to a WordPress theme.

Mocking Up a Theme in Photoshop
This is an excellent step by step tutorial which is well laid out and easy to follow showing diagrams at each stage.

So you want create a WordPress theme
“Creating a WordPress theme from scratch is not hard. I’ll hold your hand through it”

From Header to Footer this guy is awesome; he takes the uninitiated in the intro right through to the comments templates, in all 16 lessons.
Tutorials on this topic have been written before and the WordPress website also has guides for you to follow. But are those tutorials and guides really helpful to you when you don’t understand the lingo? Even I got lost while reading the WordPress guides.
Tools - Before we get started tomorrow, you’ll need:

WordPress installed on your computer. If you can’t install WordPress on your computer for whatever reason, no worries, just make a dummy WordPress install on your website.

Notepad or other text editors. I use Notepad.
SmartFTP - If you’ll be testing your theme online, I’d suggest that you download and install SmartFTP or another FTP program to upload your theme files.

Bookmark XHTML Validator and CSS Validator. You’ll need those tools to validate your theme. They also come in handy when you need to spot and fix errors.

I think I will look into WordPress Plugins next, apparently there are resources out there somewhere, do you know where?

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