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How To Get Testimonials!’

As buyers, we demand social proof. Only a small percentage of the population gets excited about being the first to try something new.  That’s why there is no more effective salesperson than an existing customer. Getting your customers to testify, in the market is money in the bank! How to get testimonials

Often, new business owners will struggle getting these all-important testimonials. Or at least good ones that are effective selling tools.

Here are three ways to get them, by asking for them.

1. After you’re finished delivering on your promises, you approach your customer & say something like this.

‘Are you happy with your purchase? If yes, you continue, ‘I was wondering if you’d do me a favour & just write me a brief note about your experience, in particular the part about _________, and ___________.’

These blanks are critically important. You need testimonials that are specific. And you need them to reflect your Unique Selling Proposition, so that when you use them in your marketing, they reinforce your sales message as powerfully as possible. So what’s your USP?

Now, if your customer is happy, you will almost always get a positive response when you ask for a testimonial. But if you stop there, you will always wait & wait for your all important ’social proof’, until even you have forgotten about it.

You MUST take this one additional step.

Immediately after your customer agrees to give you a testimonial, you say. ‘I know you’re busy, would you mind if I were to write the letter for you, & then give it to you for editing before your assistant puts it on your letterhead, & gives it back to me? 97% of the time you will have the testimonial of your dreams within a week.

2. You can offer gifts to customers who will take the time to provide you with a testimonial. Be careful with how you word this though.

You do not want to give the impression that you are giving gifts in exchange for the testimonials themselves.

You are simply compensating your customers for their time, you are coaxing out testimonials.
You are giving people an opportunity to express themselves without putting themselves out.

3. You can get third party testimonials from industry experts, sometimes called ‘endorsements’.

This is particularly effective, & surprisingly easy.

Here’s how it works.

You find your expert, and you buy something from them.
You can even do this by just participating in the front end of their marketing efforts. Either way, here’s what you do.

You send them an honest testimonial that is acutely targeted to supporting their USP.
And under your signature, you say. PS, You are interested in ___________. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to accept one of our ________, for your personal use, without charge. It will help you to __________. If you like it, it would mean a lot to me if you would give me your opinion of it.

You will be amazed by the responses you get with this simple yet highly effective approach. The real class acts will respond to you, and when you set it up this way, they will know exactly what you are after. If you have a good product, you’ll get what you need fast.

Remember this. People love to give advice. They love to offer their opinion. It makes them feel important. As a last thought why not leverage some of your better commentators from your blog, as long as you approach each individual with courtesy and use the points outlined above then you might be pleasantly pleased with the response.

Im’ sure there are many other ways, including paid for testimonials but for me I think the honest approach is the best.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Please feel free to comment.

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