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How to write and submit a Press Release effectively

This article will explain how to write and submit a press release effectively for the search engines, PR sites and offline publishing houses. Press releases are very effective in gaining interest for whatever you’re promoting. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is because if it’s written in the right way it will succeed in drawing traffic and interest. To be ultra effective your press release needs that Oomph feel or WOW factor. Getting your press release accepted is another hurdle you must cross, there are certain quality guidelines if you like that need to be fulfilled before your PR is accepted. You are not just limited to Press Release websites; you have many publication choices like newspapers and magazines.

Step by Step

What’s your morning glory (story?)

First things first you need a story right? So start by researching and building up your article. Set yourself apart from the crowd and be different, look at all the angles and develop your story.

Think about how to tie your story in to…

  • New or unique products
  • Developing stories about Internet innovations
  • Big events & holidays
  • Major Social or political events
  • Human interest & difficult issues
  • Creative ideas, humour, tragedy, love, relationships

The list is endless and there are plenty of newsworthy sources to found on the web. Whatever you’re writing about can linked up to something newsworthy if researched thoroughly.

Think like a pro

Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist and think like one, is the PR relevant, interesting and newsworthy?  The headline is the first thing that will draw interest so be sure to include the main benefits. Solving a problem is a headline benefit (How To…) other headline benefits could include (Newly released…) or short targeted words like (You can…)

The subtext below your headline should be simple and easy to understand, don’t go overboard with long paragraphs instead make them short informing and entertaining. Keep it simple and don’t use long or complicated words.

Important elements that you must add are the Who, Why, Where, What and How. Try and fit in as many of these elements into the headline as well as expanding them into the subtext.

Tip: Make extra copies of your Press Release for Ezine’s and magazines, you can edit the PR to suite a variety of publishing options like Special Reports and so on.

Writing your Press Release

Your Headline is the hook and is vital for grabbing attention so take your time and come up with a killer Title.

  • The opening sentence should lead on from your headline title
  • Your message should be highlighted in the headline title and first paragraph
  • Make use of testimonials and case studies
  • Draw the attention of the reader to a pledge or guarantee
  • Keep you bullet points to a minimum of five or six at most
  • Edit passive words to action words and connect selling points
  • Go through each sentence and thoroughly edit it, if it doesn’t sing then don’t use it!
  • Edit and scan you PR ruthlessly, take a break and start again, get a fresh set of eyes to give you a fresh perspective

Ditch the attachments, this means no .docs or HTML. This is important when emailing editors at newspapers or magazines, people are always wary about viruses. Clearly define where your PR starts and ends.

Here are some Press Release examples to give you an idea how to structure your PR

Further Resources & Checklist

Be prepared: Get a press kit for your website and be prepared how to handle any queries that come in about your Press Release, you don’t want to be fumbling around.

Getting the desired results will take lot’s of commitment and time so be prepared to graft, nothing comes to those who sit around, chase everything up but don’t be too pushy.

Format, Spelling and Grammar; get someone with half a brain to proof read your pride and joy ;-)

Checkout SubHub which has a list of PR sites and load more advice. Press Release site

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