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Hurry up Bloggers! Holiday season has begun so jump in

It’s the biggest most productive sales period of the year for millions of bloggers, the end of year holiday season which generates billions in sales around the world. By far the biggest holiday period Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner. If you blog then you need to get your act together and generate sales. Today I want to draw attention to WordPress plugins that can automate this sales drive and produce results.

I am an avid fan of plugins like WP Zon Builder, WP Robot as well as Wizard plugins which all together create a powerful content management system. No matter what product you want to review, no matter what service you want to highlight these WP plugins make the job so much easier.

WP Zon Builder

Simply the best Amazon review plugin on the market today, its light it’s fast and it works. I cannot believe how easy it is to setup, you can literally have a site full of products for a whole year in no time. With you have an endless supply of products to use for launching niche sites. What’s more this plugin uses far less server resources allowing you to build many more niche sites.

WP Robot

I call WP Robot the jack of all trades because of it shear diversity and choice of content sources. This beauty can literally produce whatever type of website you want. You can grab content from Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon, Clickbank, ShopZilla, iTunes and loads more. Shape all of these together and produce unique blogs that really kick ass and stand out.

Wizard Plugins

This Wizard plugins pack really does PACK a punch. If its ecommerce you’re into then this is the ideal choice. You can have the combined power of Commission Junction, LinkShare, Overstock and AvantLink networks working for YOU 24/7. Just think how many price comparison sites you could have with unlimited creations. (Check the Home Page for discounts)

WP TextBroker

If you hire out your text content and if you use TextBroker then WP TextBroker is the one for you. This plugin will allow you to get content directly from TextBroker without the need to login to your TextBroker account. You can place orders, edit and revise articles all from your WordPress Admin. It’s simple to setup and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

WordPress Automated review and ecommerce plugins are the rage at the moment because they have simplified the process to produce niche sites quickly. The Internet market knows no bounds in its hunger for expansion with billions joining every day. Grab your slice now

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