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If You’re Not Using RSS Why Not?

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How to Spread your Viral Message across the Globe


When I first jump in to a top application like RSS I try and make sure that I get in and out as fast as possible. Let’s face it with the amount of different tools on the web at the moment its little wonder people don’t get everything they came for in the first visit. For Instance when I grabbed my first RSS feed all I was interested in was that little friendly orange Icon that says “Subscribe to a reader”. So I grab the code throw it on to my blogs and websites and hey presto I’m reaching more people who actually want to read my posts.


So I’m thinking I will get round to returning to the RSS site and see what else they’ve got that might interest me. And lo and behold I find a plethora of extra add-ons to integrate to further enhance and monetize my feed. Sometimes I could really kick myself for missing this. So now I have the full Monty as they say with all those little buttons at the end of each post. So now if any reader wants to share their thoughts in the ever increasing social network! Then with a click of the mouse they can.


Another great feature is the rotating “Headline Animator” which is very useful for adding to your blogs or sites, but even better your visitor can embed the same code on their site or blog to increase traffic. Just think about that for a moment, your Rotating Headline Banner on somebody else’s site, without doubt one great marketing tool working on autopilot 27/7. And with content that your client wants to read, of course you can monetize the feed even more by adding Adsense. Amazon, Clickbank, and any affiliate program you wish; the potential is truly amazing I would say Viral Marketing in its purest form.

EMail It

You can also add a further option to email your RSS feed to your subscribers, this is particularly useful for building a list for future mailing of other offers; although you don’t have the clients email address you can place a little piece of code on your website or blog; this will capture the emails for you with an opt in subscribe module to your RSS feed by email. So you can save time and effort on setting up an auto-responder: Great (<:

Keeping Track

The beauty of this RSS system is the ability to truly integrate all your events into many online applications: you can hook your feed up to, Google Calendar, or other event tracking services into something more useful. This service will pick up the event date and reorder the items in your feed so that they are in event date order. Tastes great with BuzzBoost!

So let’s recap on what you get:

· Add Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, or any Affiliate Program

· Blast your message out to all the social networks

· Post signature buttons for comments and email to author

· Make your feed compatible with any reader application

· Subscribe to this feed link

· If you have a financial feed add Tickerize

· Event Feed for tracking and adding to other applications

· Summary Burner to entice your reader to visit your site/blog

· Good for Images and Podcasts

· Imbed subscribe module on your Site/Blog

Update : Google now owns FeedBurner and so you can now optimise with Adsense


So now when someone asks if you have an RSS feed you can say “Oh Yes and a lot more to boot”

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