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Instant Affiliate’s Dream

The Instant Affiliate’s Dream and Tapping into your Affiliate salesforce.

Starting your own affiliate program can be a very worthwhile exercise, and if you can organise yourself with the right tools and get motivated affiliates, then you have a golden opportunity to take your earnings to the next level.

A lot of you will be very familiar with the power of exponential traffic that is generated by affiliate marketers, so with this in mind let’s look at some of the big players who expertly manage this resource to explode their earnings. I have often thought about getting into this lucrative area of marketing, it stands to reason that having an army of affiliates promoting your product is going to drive traffic and pay out big time. Now assuming that your product is the next big hot potato on the market, I just can’t see how you can lose. But of course even if you have the next best thing since waffles, if you can’t generate interest or setup a solid marketing campaign then you might as well go home.

Part of The Solution the tools of the trade

JV & Affiliate Management System (video)  or go to

This being a very popular subject you can find plenty of examples of affiliate systems that offer an easy shortcut to solve your woes. These so called turnkey affiliate systems can be up and running in literally minutes. To give you an idea of a good affiliate program just check out any of the top Internet marketer’s offers, I’m pretty sure most of you will have used some of the more popular scripts that proliferate the web; these scripts allow affiliates to logon and gather promotional materials for their websites, emails, forum signatures and many other tools.

Next Step; Finding Affiliates to promote your product

Finding affiliates to promote your site isn’t easy. In fact, unless you’re already an established ‘name’ in your market, it can be almost impossible. So, what to do! Well even if you do everything in your power to get affiliates motivated, only a small percentage will ever take any action! So it’s critical for any successful affiliate program to continually recruit motivated affiliates.

Where do you look for motivated affiliates?

To get the best results you have to look at the affiliate directories, and unless you have a bottomless pocket then this is the most cost effective method. You can of course spend your hard earned through advertising which could run into thousands of dollars. If you have a big list then you can promote your affiliate program by email. So get yourself listed in the affiliate directories, as many as you can submit to. Getting listed in directories is an essential component to any successful affiliate program.  It’s a very effective way for top affiliates to find you.

There’s also another point you should consider, there are dozens of top directories out there and submitting to all of them can be long and tedious! You can find it literally takes you an entire day to submit a single product. If you have more, then it could take over a week! You can outsource it, which will cost you again but there is a better solution. Start using custom auto submit software to take all the agro and stress away from this task. Here’s a link for you to check out “Instant Affiliate Submitter” and no, it’s not an affiliate link. I’m sure there is lots of other submitters out there, just Google it.

Another example for affiliates to use

JV scripts or Joint Venture scripts are used by all the top IMs, and the list building stats can be very impressive and are well founded. This is also a great place to recruit fresh affiliates although the turnover will be determined by the popularity of the event.

What is a JV Giveaway Event?

The term JV stands for Joint Venture which means that 2 or more marketers join up with the goal to increase their return of investment. In terms of internet marketing this means that many marketers come together and each of them gives a downloadable product away for free. These can be ebooks, software, graphics or whatever benefits the visitors of the giveaway event.

At a giveaway event marketers, also called contributors, signup for free to list their free ebook inside the member’s area. This mostly happens when the event is in the pre-launch phase. Once the event launches, members can signup and download the different free offers… but not instantly… they have to signup for each product that they want to access. This way the contributor gets the name and email address from a member and has the person on his opt-in list.

I hope this article has given you food for thought, perhaps some of you may allready have your own affiliate program. Let me know of your experience with any tips that you may have for the readers.  Thanks’ for reading

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