How to Integrate Google calendars with WordPress

This plugin from Juan Sebastián Echeverry allows you to integrate your Google calendar into WordPress via an XML feed. For anyone who has Google calendars for work or study groups and has a WordPress installation then this plugin might do the trick. Juan has reused the code and extended an old plugin (wnpg-calendar) to build Kalendas.

According to the author you can put a calendar event in any page or post by using a short code… [kalendas:title,feed] , handy for highlighting any events for your readers whether they be students or work colleagues. Just remember when you are configuring the plugin to sync both your WordPress site and Google calendar time zone, otherwise it won’t work or will be confusing to your members. Calendar events can also be put in your sidebar as a widget

This plugin requires the installation of minimax (same author) which is a minimal AJAX library that is required for running the Kalendas plugin.

A word from the author of Kalendas

The plugin is in a state Beta, and so far I’ve seen is functional, but still recommend using it carefully because it can alter the visual themes and templates.

Plugin home page

To get your XML feed from your Google calendar simply click on settings below “Other Calendars” on the left bottom panel in Google Calendar. You will see a list of your calendars,

click on the one you want to use, then look for these symbols you guessed it , click on the XML button and copy the URL from the popup box…done and dusted. You can of course just make use of Google’s code to embed your calendars into your WordPress site or any other website, you will have to adjust the width and height settings as they are set rather large.

If this plugin doesn’t work for you, then checkout this page for other Calendar plugins from, let us know which you use or prefer…

3 comments to How to Integrate Google calendars with WordPress

  • Laptop Briefcase

    This plugin sounds like it has some potential for any who regularly uses Google calendars, unfortunately I am not one of those people. I would think once you use this plugin you would have to be very careful of what info you include in your calendar. Regardless, plugins that integrate with other existing software is a great idea.

  • pigeon

    This integration can give blogs more functionality. thanks.
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  • brother

    I believe this plugin is quite interesting. I’ll try it on my personal blog. If it look fine I’ll continue using it. If it look horrible then I’ll just have to remove it
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