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Are all Internet Marketers full of BS?

Digging For The Truth

Let’s have a rant for a change, and to answer the titles question “Are all Internet Marketers full of BS?” well I would have to say that at least 90% are definitely full of it! I decided to write this post after reading an excellent thread over at the Warrior Forum entitled “Come On People This Has To Stop.” Started by warrior Tim Whiston.

Quote from Tim’s opener

Nobody seems to care whether or not their readers actually receive value or learn how to make money. In fact it really seems virtually everyone is pushing the same packaged garbage that will likely produce little in the way of legitimate results if used by a real entrepreneur.

First off I would like to say that a real entrepreneur wouldn’t buy most if not any of this constant stream of crap.The main point of the discussion was the state of Internet Marketing and OK this subject has been around for a while, but never the less it does give you a reality check and put’s you back in the groove.

As you can imagine it was a hot discussion with many and varied views. One point that came back time and time again was the fact that a huge chunk of the marketing materiel that goes out for sale including e-Books was just rehashed crap. I have to agree to some extent although any materiel that connects with the reader and brings value get’s a thumb up in my book. It’s no surprise really when you look at the amount of Internet Marketers out there all trying to jump on to the gravy train. My own assumption, which I think most people agree with is that the true wealth makers of Internet Marketing hoard up to 98% of the revenues, the rest just like me are picking up the crumbs.

I think you have to take everything in context when it comes to Internet marketing, as we all know there will always be scammers and opportunity seekers that just don’t give a sh.. And will tell you anything to get your Dosh. The trick is to find the gems that are out there and not be taken in by the shiny and elaborate sales pages. It’s all about perceived value and what you and I think is relevant to our learning curve, and authority plays a big part in our decisions to buy or not to buy a product. Another thing that came out of the discussion is the present economic downturn which if anything has according to the hype increased the percentage of online wannabes. Personally I don’t think it makes any difference at all whether it’s the good times or bad times, if your product is top notch it will sell.

Have you seen the amount of so called new blockbuster releases, yes you’ve heard it before, and it’s a never ending process of regurgitated claptrap. If you think about it for a moment it’s not to dissimilar to the high street sales that proclaim “Get in quick! Closing down sale”.

If I were to pick out what I think are the more fruitful IM product in terms of gratification, then I would go for proven training programs that teach you PPC advertising and niche opportunities. We all live in the fast lane and want instant results but the brutal truth is that you have to use paid resources and work your butt off. Yes ok free can be productive if you go about it in the right way, but it doesn’t produce the same fast results that paid options do.

The Bottom Line

Question everything!

Graft and determination spring to mind, there is no magic formula for success despite what the Gurus tell you. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make yourself a few bucks or better still retire from your day job and work at home. There is of course a moral obligation by IMs to support their customers and give them the confidence to succeed. There’s nothing worse than getting left high and dry especially after you have put your trust and money into a product.

So what do you think, Do you have a story to tell? Please feel free to comment.

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2 comments to Are all Internet Marketers full of BS?

  • Wendy R

    Internet Marketing success only comes with hard work, determination and a deep desire. Yes, it can get all hyped out by many people, but any successful internet marketer would have to agree that success does not come without a cost…your time.

  • With economic downturns, most internet marketers whether newly and seasoned are feeling a bit discouraged to continue with their online business. After reading your post, I realized I need to pursue what I am into. I felt inspired! Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas. I’m taking them into account. Thanks and cheers!

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