Well their message seems to be both and they call it Jimdo

Working with WordPress for most of my blogs has been the norm for me, but I must say that Jimdo’s new beta blog feature has me intrigued. I am used to working with Jimdo for my main website at MaxHomeBits and now that they have finally rolled out their blog feature I think this will be an exciting time for me to integrate this feature into MaxHomeBits.

Jimdo still has a long way to go, that being said they are definitely on the right track. They already have an excellent CMS for their websites so adding a blog into the mix is a natural step to take. One of the features of the blog element is the ability to put a whole post or teaser onto any page.

What I also like about Jimdo’s Content Management System is the ability of the text editor to strip out formats or simply to integrate them into your document, no more copy and paste from desktop text editors. This is definitely one of my pet hates with WordPress.

As you can see from the features list below they have a lot of great elements. Once they move on to the next step and add more traditional blogging tools they should have a great system.

Features of the Jimdo Blog
Publish all kinds of media - so easy and cool - in your blog articles.

Picture gallery, videos, downloads, widgets etc. Say goodbye to one big text editor per article.

The blog integrates seamlessly into your website. You won’t need a website AND a blog anymore. You will only need Jimdo.

Comments. Jimdo friends will be automatically recognized.

Real permalinks

Import your existing Blog in a few minutes

RSS Feed to make it possible for your visitors to subscribe to your blog.

Publishing a new blog article is so fast!

The handling is so smooth.

It’s for free, no installation is necessary and it works with almost every browser, no hosting needed.

Use the Template Api for your own layout
Connect with your friends at Jimdo

Features we are getting ready to launch soon:
·    Blog beta! element: Filter by number, date and category
·    Cool archive of your blog articles with calendar, months etc.
·    Trackbacks and Pingbacks
·    Categories for your blog articles
·    XFN, Social Blogging
·    Blogroll
·    More styles for: date, comments, overviews of blog-articles
·    Different authors
·    Send new Blog articles to technorati
·    Widgets to add blog articles to del.icio.us, mr. wong, digg etc.
·    Teaser image: changing the size
·    Search
·    Protect blog articles with password. In connection with the password protected areas.
·    Do blog post from other media/equipment. e.g. by mail, by sms, iphone etc.

I would really love to hear your feedback and whether you might try Jimdo.

Thanks for reading

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