Joint Venture Affiliate Timetable

A week of intense promotion for gratification

Here’s a short insight into the life of a busy Joint Venture enthusiast. You have probably heard of Joint Ventures, they are basically giveaway events arranged by well known Affiliates for affiliates. The most important benefit and reason for JVs is to gather emails and thus build your downline or list. It’s often said that JVs are responsible for a large number of lists and plenty of successful affiliates started their list from JVs. If you’re looking to use JVs as an effective list building strategy then you will have your work cut out, but the rewards are worth it.

So let’s take a look at a typical working week


(1) Create 1 new Squidoo lens or Hub page; add a link and a banner for your preferred JV program.

(2) Bookmark your new Squidoo lens or Hub page with Social Poster bookmarking tool.

(3) Add your Squidoo lens or Hub page to some related groups.


(1) Surf 100 sites in 10 Click exchanges

(2) Click through 50 safe list email links

(3) Post in three different forums; include a link to your JV in your signature.


(1) Signup to as many Giveaway events as you can handle to build your list.

(2) Send out an email to your list and invite contributors or members to your JV

(3) Post in three different forums, don’t forget to include your link in your signature.


(1) Surf 100 sites in 10 click exchanges

(2) Click through 50 safelist email links.

(3) Send out a safelist ad for your Joint Venture, along with your affiliate link


(1) Add 10 Friends on each social networking site

(2) Join two new groups on each social networking site

(3) Make at least three posts on each social networking site; these can be profile comments, group posts, group answers, or forum posts.

Restart: Monday to Friday is good, busy times are generally Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Whatever you do, do not spam! And leave useful and valuable input to build authority. Make sure you get your affiliate IDs from all participating Joint Venture sites.

I hope this gives you an idea of what it takes to build up your list, motivation is in the list. At times you may feel like you’re hitting a brick wall, but just remind yourself that it is all worth it.

Useful Links

Social Poster

Safelists (Google search)

Traffic Exchanges (Google search)

Click Exchanges (Google search)

Article Content King

Autoresponder works… it’s your number 1 marketing tool!

Giveaways by Guido Nussbaum

Good Luck [superemotions file="icon_biggrin.gif" title="Big Grin"]

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