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Jonathan Leger Launches Answer Analyst

In my endevours to find time saving applications for my own blogging i came across Answer Analyst.

Let’s catch up with a hot new piece of software that is going live on Monday 2nd of February and will blow you away with its simplicity and more importantly it’s time saving value.

Introducing   Answer Analyst

Quite simply it will speed up your publishing and make your tedious research a breeze. As we all know, for the busy blogger time is at a premium and this is especially true when it comes to researching an article. What this software does is take away all the mundane research tasks by combining a highly targeted search algorithm which returns fast results for your queries.

You have the choice to swap queries or combine them by typing your keyword into the “Get Questions” module OR by typing your keyword into the “Get Answers” module. Once you hit the query buttons it only takes 15 to 20 seconds to return multiple paragraphs with the original link to the source.

The dropdown navigation allows you to pick different countries and return various word counts; you can also include secondary answers to pick and mix for your article. If you want, you can add the original link for reference or build up your research database.

Quick Recount

Answer Analyst will help you…

  1. Create content faster than you dreamed possible!
  2. Research virtually any question in seconds or minutes instead of hours!
  3. Tell you what questions are being asked for virtually any subject!
  4. Research questions in dozens of languages from dozens of countries!
  5. Save your research in projects for use later!

It’s hard for me to do justice to this superb time saving application, so why not take a look for yourself. Jon has an excellent video that shows you the true power of Answer Analyst.

Arguments: Do you have any alternative time saving applications that you would recommend?

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2 comments to Jonathan Leger Launches Answer Analyst

  • It appears to be good software. I hope it isn’t quirky like some of the other software I have bought to write articles with.


    Rick imby’s last blog post..Answer Analylst Review


    Bill MassonNo Gravatar Reply:

    I agree, but i think Jon leger needs to reduce the price a bit, what do you think?


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