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Juicy Contest from Dennis

Blog ContestNOW UNDERWAY Contest Dates; 15th Dec 2008 to 31st Jan 2009 Cash Prizes

Check out the Blog Contest Page for all of Dennis Edell’s Sponsors which show the  PRIZES on offer!

Dennis Edell from DirectSalesWebMarketing launches his review contest for two of his blogs and invites you to participate. Remember folks there are some great prizes to be had with many cash contributors as well as free memberships with a generous sprinkling of traffic pulling offers for your blog. Be involved and may the best blogger win.  This is my own personal review of Dennis’s two blogs; let me know what you think, thanks.

A bare boned honest opinion from Bill Masson

It will be interesting to see how many non bloggers participate in his competition. That being said there are plenty of blog enthusiasts who love a good challenge, Dennis has the ability to create a buzz and gather interest so I applaud his efforts.    So without further ado

First impressions: This is what Dennis calls his Hub blog

Easy on the eye, I like the colours which are fairly neutral but not bland, the opening header clearly shows you what and who this blog is about. The short message in the header breaks the ice and chills you out. He has a well placed and recognisable logo which catches your eye. As I scan the page the first elements that I notice are the top 3 Boxes showing from left to right all the important parts that every blog should include; namely most popular articles Subscribe to our full feed RSS and last but not least Other sites and social networks This tells me quite a lot about other sites and social networks that are linked or owned by this Author.

The blog has a simple and easy navigation of the pages, for the main blog posts there is the usual recent posts and comments. For me this needs to be extended to include more highlighted and targeted previous posts (archived tab goes some way to addressing this issue). There is no monetization other than a swap offer for 125 ad blocks, but never the less this is always a good tactic to bring in advertisers. The blog articles themselves for me are not in depth enough and are too short; it’s more of a micro blogging platform feel about it (suggest a mobile version, Google has info on this)

Badges included tell me that you like to share your links with your readers; these popular badges seem to be on a lot of blogs in the network. There’s no harm in using these badges as long as you don’t over do it.

The pages:

Archives: I don’t see the point in including this page on a new blog; you have your default plugins from WordPress for this. I would add a featured page focusing on popular posts that give value and feedback with plenty of pillar articles.

Contact: You describe your contact details perfectly with different options for the visitors to choose from which in turn puts’ you at ease and invites you to participate. The only other element I would add are some personal social network badges like twitter and a MyBlogLog signature.

About Does the job and tells you about the one and only Dennis Edell,find out yourself.

Finishing off with the footer, disappointed I always look for something more, perhaps some recommended links; this is an often forgotten resource box that needs your attention, why waste the space!

Overall the blog still has that new look, with way too much white space and a lot of developing needed to spruce it up. But remember the blog is new and time will fill in the blank spaces.

Win Cash Online

Since this is very early in development there’s not much to report, same template, which is obvious right away; what make this blog different?  The header and the 125 ad blocks, not much else; I like the “A small branch of” strip on the top left corner; your tagline needs to change, too boring and the Font. The colours for me need to be more vibrant to convey the nature of the cash contest theme, show some happy faces, bring some kick ass graphics in to play.

I would introduce more dynamic and interactive elements. Bearing in mind that this is a new and undeveloped site; first off your call to action (more Cool Contest Blogs!) needs to be more inviting for instance “Contact Me For Free Inclusion) with terms for the competition rules (you have some pointers on your about page) but a more dedicated page is required, make it more professional looking.

At the bottom section where you have the Soon to be displayed messages would be a good place to remind visitors of up and coming contests and a recent winners bio box, highlight the winners blog or interests ect’.

Your about Page is excellent I wouldn’t change a thing, you convey your message in a clear and concise way. For a visitors point of view you explain the rules for inclusion perfectly.

Contact Form does its job for both the contest enquiries and general queries.

Footer: again the same problem, not utilising this space with more recommended links and resources. A feedback form for the readers and more bio info about future developments would go some way to addressing this.

Comments Page (both blogs)

Dennis makes use of the comment luv plug-in in both of the blogs and the internal WordPress thread, for me I like to use WordPress Comment Plug-in; for those visitors that are not familiar with the WordPress platform this encourages commenter’s to start a conversation.

So to wrap up; overall I do like both the concept and layout of both blogs and I would stick around for the long term. Its’ not always about looks, Dennis does a very good job connecting with his readers, so for me this is the main reason that I would come back. No doubt over time Dennis will add more elements to compliment these two blog additions and I wish him all the best for the coming new year.

Just remember folks this is only my personal opinion and review I’m’ sure that you have your own ideas about Dennis’s contribution to the blogosphere, so why not have a go The contest is up and running, it closes on the 12th of January 2009,

Here is a reminder again of the two Blogs under Review and a list of PRIZES,

Sponsors & Prizes:


Dennis Edell @ Beginner Marketing Tips - $25

Dennis Edell @ Win Cash Online - $25

Dennis Edell @ - $25

Yep, I’m personally putting up $75 ;) .

Mirjam @ MeMyselfAndIBlog - $10

Wei Liang @ ABloggerBlog - $10

Rodel @ - $25

Suzanne Franco @ - $30

BANNER ADS (1 month ea. w/value if available):

Sherry @ SherrysShopping - 125×125

Sherry @ PinkyPosh - 125×125

Sherry @ AnotherContest - 125×125

Wei Liang @ ABloggerBlog - 125 x 125 ($10)

Superman Joe @ PostBlogger - 300 x 250

Sharmin @ ContestSpot - 125×125

Erwin Tan @ -  125×125 ($20)

Jonathan @ How To Blog - 125×125 ($15)

Garry Conn @ - 468×60 ($70)

ZK @ WebTrafficROI - 125×125 ($20)

Yan @ Blog Setup - 125×125 ($20)

Archie Pennies @ SomeExtraPennies - 125 x 125 for 4 months


Collin @ FeedFlare - life time blog roll link

Harish @ BloggingKid - 1 month text link ad

Archie Pennies @ SomeExtraPennies - site wide blog roll link for 4 months


Peter Lee @ Make Money Blogging - New Home Study Course,”Quit Being a Wage Slave in 10 Easy Steps” ($47)

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Kathy Hendershot-Hurd @ VirtualImpax - 8 Week Power Blog Launch product ($77)


Mirjam @ MeMyselfAndIBlog - Blog Review ($25)

Superman Joe @ PostBlogger - Blog Review

Nishadha @ rumblinglankan - Blog Review ($20)


Sherry @ Heart Random - 500 EC
Sherry @ Name Sherry - 500 EC
Sherry @ SherryGo - 500 EC

Rodel @ Cebupacificairphilippines - 1000 EC

Nishadha @ rumblinglankan - 1000 EC
Nishadha @ YeastInfectionInDogs - 1000 EC

Wiehanne @ Wiehanne Lounge - 500 EC
Wiehanne @ Medan Daily - 500 EC
Wiehanne @ SimplyWP - 500 EC


David R Young Jr @ Niche-It - custom squeeze page template package ($7)

Brian D. Hawkins @ ExtremeEzine - one year Pro membership to YourAdTracker ($39.95)


Good Luck and Be Lucky Happy Blogging

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