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A Legitimate way to make money with Twitter

Are you tired of clicking links in Twitter that promise all kinds of incentives only to be let down again and again? And do you want more than just a fake following that doesn’t respond anyway? There are hundreds of so called Twitter guides and scams out there on the web. Personally I’ve given up on a lot of these programs that promise you thousands or tens of thousands of new followers, come on folks it just isn’t possible unless your Oprah Winfrey.

There is always an explosion of interest on the web when something new comes out that captures the public’s imagination. Everyone who is anyone rushes to come out with something that has Twitter on the cover and worries about the content and consequences later, if at all.

Two things set in stone

1. Twitter itself is a legitimate service.

2. There is a legitimate, real way to make money with Twitter.

Actually, there are 3 things I know on this subject. The 3rd is that no one has ever come out with anything other than superficial, spammy Twitter marketing tactics to this point.

That is until now.

Tom Deeter, with help from Jack Humphrey, has changed all that with The Twitter Method. This is the first set of insider tactics the web has seen for pulling money out of Twitter, legitimately and effectively.

If you want to know The Method and tactics, Tom and Jack are just giving away then checkout their site

The Twitter Method

I have listened to the webinar “Don’t Fall for the Twitter Follow Fraud” between Tom Deeter and Jack Humphrey and I can tell you, Tom just says it how it is with no BS, Listen in yourself, there’s no hype or hard sale just facts. The quality and relevance of your followers is a key point to bear in mind. As an example you may have 10,000 followers but out of that figure perhaps only 2 or 3 thousand actually follow up on your Tweets. Hell I’m still learning myself; I usually always follow anybody who follows me apart from porn or religious people. But after listening to this I will change my following methods.

If you’ve seen or heard about all the other B.S. people are pushing, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise with The Twitter Method!

The craziest thing about it is that Tom teaches you how to make money with Twitter with absolutely 0 followers. “Oops my BS monitor is going off the scale again” Or maybe not!

This is always a big surprise to someone new to Twitter or anybody for that matter and I was sceptical to say the least as to these claims. Pretty much everything that gets pushed out about Twitter from marketers is crap. And a lot of what you may have learned from these programs is probably wrong with expectations never materialising.

Making money from Twitter is possible with the right tactics

Checkout the site now and pick up some great’ free content from the guys and see for yourself. There’s a lot more to twitter than people have ever talked about before.

The Twitter Method

Let me know what you think, does this hit a nerve and are you sick of the constant barrage of Tweets about gaining twitter followers?

Thanks’ reading

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